Best Steam Workshop Maps For Teardown

Teardown is a wonderful, digital, and cost-friendly alternative to a rage room, letting you destroy a variety of voxel-based environments to your heart’s content through a wide variety of tools and weapons. If you’re playing on PC, you’re afforded even more opportunities for mayhem thanks to all the community-made maps on the Steam workshop.




Teardown: The Best Mods On Steam Workshop

Teardown has plenty of destructive fun on its own, but with an active Steam modding community, you can’t go wrong with the best mods available.

If you’ve mastered Teardown’s official maps, and you’re looking for a refreshing change of scenery, or perhaps craving some different and unique game mechanics, why not check out the best maps the community has to offer? These delectably destructible environments aren’t going to tear themselves down, after all.

Maps were chosen based on overall popularity, with some weight given to particularly successful, short-term, trending content, as well as unique features and mechanics where applicable.

8 Minecraft Desert Village

A split image of a green cactus being cut in half by a laser, and part of a Minecraft desert temple collapsing.

If regular TNT isn’t destructive enough for you in Minecraft, this recreated desert village will give you a satisfying level of physics-based granularity for all of your destructive desires. It almost feels illegal to see Minecraft blocks disintegrate into hundreds of tiny bits and pieces.

Whether it’s slicing cacti with lasers, messing with villagers and their livestock, or putting a bunch of realistic holes into the walls of buildings with your trusty sledgehammer, there’s a lot of fun to be had on this map. You could even download a pickaxe mod if you want to be more immersed.

7 Business Center

A split image of the inside of a collapsing, burning room, and a giant, multi-story stone building.

If you’re working a boring corporate office job, and you’d like to live out your wildest, destructive fantasies, the Business Center map is probably the closest you can get to living out those fantasies without catching vandalism or arson charges.

It doesn’t have to be that extreme though; maybe you just want to imagine what it’d be like to completely trash one of your coworkers’ desks or cubicles. You know, the one that never returns the pens you let them borrow, or that pesky lunch thief.

6 Russian Town 5 Winter

A split image of a snowy town, with one side showing a tank firing at a building, and the other showing a third-person view of a helicopter flying over the town.

With so many vehicles to drive and operate in this expansive, Russian-inspired, snowy town, you should get a lot of “mileage” out of this map. Heck, there’s even a looming, stone statue that you can destroy if you have a bone to pick with any particular Russian historical figure.


8 Best Fire Effects In Games

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Alternatively, you can always make your way to a nightclub, peacefully drive through the town with some Russian folk music playing in the background, or squat with a group of tracksuit-wearing fellows for a particularly immersive experience.

5 Highway

A four-image split of various congested highway scenes and fictional, green and white road signs.

If you have highway anxiety, then this map probably isn’t for you. If long, congested lanes of traffic really grinds your gears, though, then perhaps this could be a cathartic experience where you won’t have to worry how badly the car you’re driving, or other cars, get damaged.

Alternatively, if you’re a big fan of BeamNG, this map will give you a similar experience, if you don’t mind trading realistic crumple zones on cars for blocky bits flying all over the place. Although, that’s more preferable than the next best alternative: smashing a LEGO set.

4 Bright Valley Correctional Center

A split image of a fictional correctional facility, showing a cell block full of rooms, and an explosion.

Live out a prisoner’s dream by breaking out of Bright Valley Correctional Center in whatever way you see fit. Thankfully, instead of having to meticulously dig through a wall with a metal spoon for a few weeks, you’ll have a more expansive arsenal of tools and weapons at your disposal.

For a more adrenaline-inducing escape, you could bundle in some AI enemy mods, like responding police officers. Alternatively, for a more puzzle-oriented experience, you could put yourself in a maximum-security cell and restrict yourself to a limited selection of tools.

3 Dust2

A split image of a car that crashed into a wall, and a partially destroyed building next to a fallen power line.

A custom, recreated Counter-Strike map is a welcome sight, especially if you need a break from getting dinked in competitive lobbies all day. Sometimes, the best way to shake off a bad loss-streak is to take a break and come back with a fresh mind.


7 Things We Wish We Knew Before Playing Teardown

Before you start tearing things down, there are a few things it’d help to know before jumping into this destructive sandbox.

If you need a little bit of convincing, consider what’d it be like to:

  • Break through the ground of one of the bomb sites.
  • Drive the car near CT spawn.
  • Destroy the multiple, interconnected power lines around the map.
  • See what the map looks like when snow is on the ground.

2 Voxel Plaza

A four-split image of various urban city scenes throughout various seasons and times of day or night.

Whether it’s a sunny day with a blue, cloudless sky, or a peaceful, nighttime snowfall accentuated by warm, glowing lights, playing on Voxel Plaza might make you forget you’re in a fully destructible environment for a brief moment.

Once you’ve snapped out of that haze, though, you’ll be amazed at just how much you can interact with and destroy on this map, including gargantuan structures, a wide variety of vehicles, such as construction equipment or fast sports cars, and even little secrets if you’re thorough enough.

1 Boeing 737 Full Version

A split image of blocky, aircraft and airport personnel standing near a large airport and an airport terminal.

While this isn’t a perfect, one-to-one recreation of a functional aircraft, the Boeing 737 Full Version map gets pretty darn close. Not only does the plane have an engine and turbines that spin, but also small, welcome details, like oxygen masks that fall, or overhead bins with suitcases.

Perhaps best of all, the plane simulates a pressurized cabin, meaning little holes you put into the aircraft will create a depressurization effect, sucking lighter, unsecured objects towards the openings you’ve created. If you’re going to try any map, try this one.


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