Best Bluetooth Speakers Of 2023

Bluetooth speakers are the leading choice of wireless speakers for any purpose. While some are ideal for outdoor use due to rugged construction, others provide unmatched audio quality for a home entertainment system. Many Bluetooth speakers also use smart technology and voice assistants like Alexa to make them a greater part of your entertainment setup.



No matter what your needs are for Bluetooth speakers, we’re here to offer our guidance. We’ve gathered our top six choices for Bluetooth speakers in 2023, ranging from highly portable outdoor units to wireless sound entertainment systems.

Cyber Acoustics CA-SP34BT Bluetooth Speakers

Cyber Acoustics CA-SP34BT Bluetooth Speakers

Best Overall Bluetooth Speaker

Futuristic, subwoofer-boosted sound

$55 $60 Save $5

These LED-lit speakers are ideal for any computer setup, marrying Cyber Acoustics’ excellent audio quality with a futuristic aesthetic. Its affordable price tag is a great selling point, but the subwoofer audio quality is also a great boon.


  • LED futuristic aesthetic
  • Subwoofer for deeper, richer sound
  • Excellent price

  • Some may not prefer LED speakers

Picking the best Bluetooth speakers is a personal choice, as everyone’s needs are different. Depending on your budget, audio desires, and what sort of media you consume, you’ll have a different “best” compared to others. For our choice, we’ve picked the Cyber Acoustics CA-SP34BT speakers.

These speakers come with LED lights to help perfect your RGB setup. They also have a subwoofer, which isn’t a guarantee for wireless speakers. The subwoofer helps bring a deeper, fuller sound to your entertainment system. The only drawback is that being three pieces makes it less portable than other options.

Bose SoundLink Micro Portable Outdoor Speaker

Bose SoundLink Micro Portable Outdoor Speaker

Most Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Tiny, portable, affordable

$99 $119 Save $20

Bose’s SoundLink Micro is one of the most affordable products in the vast arsenal of products the titanic company offers. This tiny speaker is great for portability, but doesn’t provide the same rich sound as other Bose products.


  • Compact and portable
  • Strong battery life
  • Affordable price

  • Other wireless speakers have better sound quality

Bose is often seen as the reigning champion in home speaker systems. Their portable speakers are also exceptional, and the Bose SoundLink Micro is one of the best examples. This tiny speaker can clip to different surfaces for music on the go, such as on peaceful, secluded hikes or bike trails.

One of the best benefits of this speaker is the price point. Bose’s products are reputable for their high price tag, but this speaker bumps that trend. The main drawback is that it’s a single small speaker, making it lack the depth of sound that larger, more involved systems will often have.

FAMETEK Star Trek Borg Cube Bluetooth Speaker

FAMETEK Star Trek Borg Cube Bluetooth Speaker

Best Novelty Speaker

Unique looks with good audio quality

For Star Trek fans, we’ve picked the FAMETEK Borg Cube. While the audio quality is great, this speaker will undoubtedly be more popular in the setups of Star Trek fans than seeing general use.


  • Unique design
  • Great audio quality
  • Good quality for a novelty product

For Star Trek fans, this Borg speaker is destined to be one of the most notable choices on the market. With this unique design, this 4.5″ scaled replica is just as much a part of your display as your sound system. The speaker uses Massive Audio brand speakers for a beautiful sound quality without sacrificing aesthetics.

Being such a novelty, some people fear that it won’t provide decent audio quality, but this simply isn’t the case. The only drawback is that this speaker only truly fits Star Trek fans with a display. If you’re not a fan, there’s little reason to grab this speaker over its many competitors at its price point.

Edifier G2000

Edifier G2000 Wireless Computer Speakers

Most Minimalist Wireless Speakers

Minimalist, sleek, and effective

$77 $110 Save $33

The Edifier G2000 Wireless Speakers are a strong choice for people who prefer minimalism and simplicity. Lacking a subwoofer, they don’t offer the same depth of sound that some other options will give.


  • Great pricing
  • Minimalist, unobtrusive aesthetic
  • Available in several colors

For many computer or entertainment setups, a sense of minimalism is the desired appearance. If that’s your design choice, these minimalist speakers are a great addition to your space. The Edifier G2000 32W speakers are ideal for PCs or laptops, but there’s no reason to avoid using these speakers with your home system.

If you don’t prefer the sleek black aesthetic, these speakers are also available in pink, white, and red. Their RGB coloration is paired with a subwoofer output and compatibility with any sound input. These speakers are ideal for any setup and will match any aesthetic, making them difficult to beat at their price.

Logitech Z407 Bluetooth Computer Speakers

Logitech Z407 Bluetooth Computer Speakers

Best Audio Quality

Subdued and sleek with a subwoofer

Logitech’s sleek and minimalist design extends to this low-key product. With two speakers and a subwoofer, these 80W speakers provide great audio for any at-home setup.


  • Included subwoofer
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Great audio quality

  • Overly-simplified appearance for some setups

Logitech isn’t known for flashy appearances or bright, flashing RGB. Instead, it brings a minimalist, sleek appearance as many other speakers do, lending an almost retro appearance to many of their setups. That’s why we’ve placed the Logitech Z407 Bluetooth Computer Speakers in our preference for a retro setup.

Despite the retro appearance, these speakers come with all the quality you expect from top-of-the-line audio equipment. The subwoofer provides excellent bass, while the 80W peak power speakers give you unparalleled sound quality. Being wireless, these are also easy to rearrange, making this a hassle-free system.

Edifer S3000 Pro Speakers

Edifier S3000 Pro Wireless Bookshelf Speakers

Best Luxury Speakers

Untouched quality and price

The Edifier S3000 Pro speaker system provides studio-quality sound to your setup, alongside Bluetooth wireless connectivity, DAC, XMOS Professional audio processing, and  more.


  • Luxurious appearance
  • Incredible audio quality
  • Fits an at-home setup

  • Exorbitant pricing for most users

When it comes to audio quality, it’s difficult to beat the Edifier S3000 Pro Wireless Bookshelf Speakers. These are the ideal capstone to your entertainment system combined with the ease of use that Bluetooth speakers provide. With a gorgeous wood aesthetic, these fit in perfectly with more elegant setups.

With hi-res audio and a built-in amplifier, these speakers are everything you’d need in one bundle. The only drawback is a relatively exorbitant price, which makes this out of the budget of people looking for convenient, portable wireless speakers.


Do Bluetooth Speakers Have Worse Audio Quality Than Wired Speakers?

This is a topic of some debate in the audiophile community. The consensus is that wireless speakers provide the same audio quality as wired speakers. However, some feel that the opposite is true, and there’s little definite evidence to support either side past anecdotal claims.

Are Bluetooth Speakers More Expensive Than Wired Speakers?

While this was originally the case, this is no longer true. Speakers of all sorts are available at nearly any price range.

What’s The Range On Wireless Speakers?

This depends on the speakers, what’s between your device and the speakers, and more. Some go up to 100 feet or farther, while others have a much shorter distance. We recommend researching your chosen product to see what the range is.

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