Every Romance Option In Warhammer 40k: Rogue Trader

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Romance options are a staple of many CRPGs, and Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader is no exception. In this game, you can romance five of your companions, enter a relationship, and even fall in love. If you happen to be a hopeless romantic, we’re here to help.




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This guide will cover everything you need to know about romance in Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader. This includes the potential romance candidates (as well as where to initially recruit them), and how you can get on their good side. First, let’s take a look at the romance options available to you.

What Companions Can Be Romanced?

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As mentioned above, there are five companions that you can romance. These companions aren’t entirely player-sexual, as some will only be romanceable if you are a certain gender. Below, you can check out each romance option and what player gender they prefer.


Player Gender






Male and Female


Male and Female


Male and Female

Overall, you will just need to be a specific gender if you want to romance Cassia or Heinrix.

How To Romance Companions

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In general, the romance choices will be fairly obvious. When presented with a list of dialogue options, the ‘romantic’ reply will feel a bit different. If you are pursuing a specific character, be sure to focus on replies that aren’t too harsh, and often support their own thought process.

In addition to this, try to focus on the alignment of the companion in question, which includes Iconoclast, Dogmatic, and Heretical. For example, Heinrix is Dogmatic; choosing Dogmatic answers will tend to win his favor.

You can check all companion alignments (including your own) from the Character Summary menu.


cassia companion art

  • How To Initially Recruit Cassia: Eurac V Navis Nobilite Station Questline (Act 1)

If you are looking to pursue Cassia, it’s important to focus on her, as a person, rather than her Navigator status. Treat her like a person, reassure her, and complete any personal quests related to her. Overall, don’t be mean!

While pursuing Cassia, you will come across a choice in the second act to send birds to her room. It’s important to do this in order to continue your relationship with her.


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  • How To Initially Recruit Heinrix: Rykad Minoris Electrodynamic Cenobium Questline (Act 1)

In general, Heinrix is fairly simple to romance. While speaking with him, focus on dialogue options that don’t make him look bad. You can also choose options related to physical touch; he will not be turned off by this.

Additionally, Heinrix is extremely Dogmatic. In addition to being Dogmatic yourself, it’s important to choose Dogmatic answers when he is around.


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  • How To Initially Recruit Jae: Footfall Questline (Act 2)

Jae is another easy companion to romance. Her romantic dialogue options are very flirty, making them easy to spot.

Along the romantic path, you will have the opportunity to give Jae a gift. When this occurs, you can choose to give her a planet. Yes, that’s right. Gift Jae an entire planet when speaking to High Factotum Janis Danrok.


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  • How To Initially Recruit Yrliet: Janus Questline (Act 2)

Yrliet is a Xenos, and as such, romancing her is a bit more complicated than the other options. Unlike the others, it’s important to not flirt with Yrliet! She doesn’t like this and, overall, will not respond. Instead, you basically just need to not get on her bad side.

Overall, respect Yrliet and don’t annoy her. Thankfully, you can gain some romantic standing by completing her personal quest, so be sure to do this. Like other romance candidates, be understanding and side with her if the situation calls for it.

When Yrliet meditates, do not interrupt her.


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  • How To Initially Recruit Marazhai: Commorragh Anatomical Opera and Arena Questline (Act 3)

Lastly, we have Marazhai. You’ll meet this companion later than the rest, and he serves as the only male companion that male players can romance. Interestingly, your other companions won’t really like him, but this doesn’t stop you from getting to know Marazhai better.

To romance Marazhai, you simply need to show interest and agree with him when possible. Additionally, you will need to work to keep Marazhai alive, which occurs on your ship shortly after recruiting him.


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