Lego Fortnite Players Have Started Building Monorails

Lego Fortnite, just like the colorful blocks the game mode is based on, rewards creativity and has a fanbase that is very willing to use their creativity to the fullest. We’ve already seen players create some truly astonishing villages and castle, with one person having created a steerable airship just a few days after launch.



Traversal is the main issue plaguing Lego Fortnite players at the moment, as many are finding it a hassle to venture out and slowly bring back resources for crafting. To get over this hurdle, fans are making all kinds of machines to get them from point to point quickly, but monorails appear to have become the most popular method among skilled builders.


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While you can likely find a few examples in places such as the Lego Fortnite subreddit, YouTuber JaxBek has shared a video of their impressive monorail and how to make it. After linking together a ridiculous number of thin wooden flooring together in a single direction, they then use a dynamic foundation and attach small wheels to the bottom of each side of the rail to wedge it in place.

They then build a large wooden foundation and place another foundation on top, attaching two thrusters and then destroying the foundation below to drop it, using fences to wedge the platform in place. Finally, they attach a big thruster to the dropped platform, a few more thrusters to the other side, and two levers to both the foundation and the block, allowing them to move the platform in either direction.

It’s a pretty impressive build that definitely serves its function well, and only one of many you can find on JaxBek’s channel. They also have video tutorials on how to create things such as elevators, ropeways, rockets, hot air balloons, and almost everything you can think of that gets you from place to place quicker than a jaunty walk.

If this is the first you’ve heard of Lego Fortnite, imagine Minecraft, but with Lego, and it includes pretty much every character that’s ever been introduced to Fortnite as a skin. It’s completely free to play as a mode within Fortnite, and can be played in multiplayer with up to eight players at a time. If you’re a big Minecraft fan, there’s absolutely zero barrier to entry, so you might as well have a go and build your own massive monorail.


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