Baldur’s Gate 3 Players On Xbox Continue To Lose Save Files Even After Update

Earlier this week, we covered a severe bug in the Xbox port of Baldur’s Gate 3 that was erasing save files, costing players hours of playtime. Now, even after an update rolled out to fix the issue, fabs are still sharing instances of losing save files, frustrating Xbox players and putting some off buying the game until it’s fixed for good.



It’s not clear what’s causing the issue, with the latest firmware update from Xbox apparently not doing enough to stop it from happening. This is particularly frustrating when those who only have an Xbox have already waited patiently for Baldur’s Gate 3, getting the game months after PC and PS5.

Right now, Larian recommends making sure you’re on the latest firmware version for Xbox Series X/S. However, in the replies, many players say that they’re still losing their saves after ensuring their consoles are up to date.

Other players on Reddit say that they’re still experiecing this too. “Despite the update that was suppose to fix this issue, I just lost 40 hours of my life,” says Reddit user Darrow_au. “Be cautious. From what I’ve read, don’t leave BG3 in quick resume.”

Others also assume that quick resume is the issue here, as the game struggles to place players back exactly where they were when they shut the console off. This hasn’t been confirmed just yet though, so it may not be the cause at all.

Another user believes they could have a fix, and it’s all about making sure you don’t use too many save slots.

“I’ve found that my original 5 or so save files have remained intact this whole time,” says SirBulbasaur13. “I’ve been just saving over the couple files that always remain – not creating new saves. I’ve done that and turned off auto-save. I’ve had no issues so far but I also exit to the main menu, hard close the game and reboot it every half hour or so to make sure.”

In the meantime, Larian says it’s working on a new hotfix, as the last update for Xbox didn’t address the issue. Aside from just waiting it out, Xbox also recommends making sure your console is always powered, even when switched off, although it’s not clear if this is stopping the saves from being deleted either. Hopefully, the next update will do the trick, and players won’t have to inconvenience themselves like this to keep their save files safe.


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