Where To Find Frost Shell In Lego Fortnite

Shells are a useful crafting item in Lego Fortnite that are dropped by Rollers. These creatures are usually dormant, buried in the ground until you come near. There are Rollers in each biome: Grasslands, Dry Valley, and the Frostlands. The Frostlands is where you need to go to find Frost Rollers.




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Getting Frost Shells is not going to be as easy as the other shells as it’s a very dangerous task, but we’re here to help! Bundle up, stay warm, and we’ll tell you how to get Frost Shells from the Frostlands and what they can be used for.

How To Locate Frost Shells

Lego Fortnite: Sneaking up to a Frost Roller

As with the Rollers in the Grasslands and Dry Valley, you can identify where Rollers are by looking for the little domed top sticking out of the ground, usually adorned with grass or a flower.

The ones in the Frostlands are much the same, but they’re white and tend to blend in with the snow. Instead, look for the little blue crystals sticking out of the snow.

You can also find Frost Rollers inside the ice caves around this biome.

How To Defeat Frost Rollers

Lego Fortnite: Left, blocking roller with shield, right: fighting roller

Defeating Frost Rollers to get the Frost Shells is not going to be an easy feat. They are strong and deal a lot of damage.

Your basic sword and shield are no good in the Frostlands. Make sure you have equipped at least a rare or epic Longsword and Knight’s Shield before heading out.

When the Roller pops up out of the ground, hold your shield out in front of you and let it roll into the shield, which will make it dizzy for a few seconds. This gives you a chance to take a few swings.

If you keep using your shield for defense, you’ll survive the fight until the Roller is defeated and drops the Frost Shell.

What Can You Use Frost Shells For?

Lego Fortnite: showing recipe of cool-headed charm that can be made with frost shells

As dangerous as it is to get Frost Shells, there is only one recipe that you’ll need them for.

The Cool-Headed Charm (Rare) adds four hearts to your health, ten defense, and gives you protection against heat.

To craft this charm you’ll need:

  • Three Heavy Wool Thread
  • Five Frost Shell
  • One Sand Brute Scale
  • Three Malachite Slab


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