Where To Find The Drifter Strange Prism In Ancient Valley In Risk Of Rain Returns

Drifter is an entirely new Survivor in Risk of Rain Returns that beats monsters with her sack of items, recycling enemies into scrap that can then be used to create temporary items. The Drifter offers a powerful new playstyle that is loads of fun.




Risk Of Rain Returns: Drifter Survivor Guide

Here’s everything you need to know about the Drifter in Risk of Rain Returns.

If you’re looking to unlock everything you can for Drifter, you’ll eventually need to get her Strange Prism skin. This skin can only be unlocked by completing a hidden objective on the Ancient Valley stage. Below, we’ll take a look at how exactly to get the Drifter’s secret Strange Prism skin.

Where To Find Drifter’s Prism

Drifter’s Strange Prism is found in the third stage, Ancient Valley. The variation of this stage that has the Prism is the one with an intact bridge going all the way across the top of the map, connecting the left and right sides. If you see this bridge, you’re on the right map.

It may take a few tries to find this specific variation. Try turning off the “New Stages” option in the rules section to limit the number of stage variations that can appear.

Once you’ve arrived at this stage variant of the Ancient Valley, head to the top left side of the map and travel down the ropes a short distance, until you are at the platform in the image above. Here, you’ll need to jump to the right and land on a platform that is a bit further down, but currently not visible on the screen.

We recommend playing as Pilot to get the Drifter’s skin, as his Rapid Deployment parachute will make landing on this platform much easier.

pilot standing on a platform with a snowman and the drifter's strange prism in the ancient valley stage

After landing on this platform, head to the right edge until you just barely see the next platform on the right side of the screen. Now, make your way to that platform. It should have a mediocre snowman built on it. Again, playing as Pilot, Loader, or having a Photon Jetpack is recommended to make this jump.

As you land on this platform and move to the right, the Prism will appear. Walk over to it and touch it to unlock the Drifter’s Strange Prism skin – Pollen.


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