What Does The Exclamation Mark On Your Gear Mean In Avatar: Frontiers Of Pandora?

Curious about the reason for that exclamation mark?

Avatar: Frontiers Of Pandora is an open-world game with a plethora of things to discover and various mechanics to master. While it follows familiar patterns within its genre, it adds its own special touch. As you navigate through the game, you’ll come across various gear, whether obtained as quest rewards or crafted by yourself.




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As you advance further in the game, you may have noticed that some of your gear items bear an exclamation mark, leaving you curious about their significance. That’s precisely why we’ve created this guide – to help you understand the meaning of these marks and how to address them.

What Does The Exclamation Mark On Your Gear Mean

An arrow pointing out an exclamation mark under a piece of gear Avatar Frontiers of Pandora

If you observe an exclamation mark on your gear, it indicates that the particular piece of equipment is below the recommended level. In such cases, you should consider either replacing it with a better option if available or crafting an improved gear.

This directly contributes to your overall Combat Strength level, providing insight into which missions align with your current level and which may be too challenging.

In order to monitor your Combat Strength level, navigate to the Character menu and look to the right side of the screen. There, you’ll find the numerical value representing your current Combat Strength level.

If a mission is marked in red, it signifies that you are under-leveled for it, and enhancing your gear becomes essential before attempting it.

While managing missions slightly above your Combat Strength is possible, significantly higher levels may pose a challenge.

A square highlighting a text menu explanting the exclamation mark under the Combat Strength level Avatar Frontiers of Pandora

To address this, you can go ahead and complete side quests to acquire better gear or purchase Designs from merchants in the main camps, enabling you to craft better equipment.

Another important consideration is that if you notice an exclamation mark below your Combat Strength level, it indicates a critical need to upgrade your gear before attempting the current content. Failure to do so may result in unavoidable challenges and difficulties.


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