Best Ways To Get Flour In Lego Fortnite

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In Lego Fortnite, you’ll be adventuring across miles and miles of land. Fight off enemies, build up a village, and gather resources to craft different items. You’ll need to do whatever you can do to survive, and part of that means keeping yourself fed and staving off hunger.




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There are several great kinds of food in Lego Fortnite, from the early-game Raspberries to a full-blown Pizza. When you’re trying to cook different recipes, you’ll likely find yourself needing some Wheat and Flour. Here is what you need to know about getting them.

How To Build The Grain Mill

A Grain Mill in Lego Fortnite

First thing’s first, if you’re looking to get Wheat and Flour, you’ll definitely want to have the Grain Mill utility station already built. You will be able to unlock the Grain Mill once you’ve found the required materials.

Here are the ingredients for building the Grain Mill:

Best Ways To Get Wheat and Wheat Grain

Looking at a Lego wheat stalk gives you the ability to harvest it.

As you’re adventuring, you’ll likely find your first Wheat Grain in a random chest. If you search through chests in ruined buildings or throughout caves, Wheat Grain is a recurring common item you’ll get to find.

Once you have at least one Wheat Grain, the best way to get more is to start a farming plot. When you plant a Wheat Grain seed, it will take one in-game day to grow into a stalk of Wheat that you can harvest.

Once you have some sort of farming setup, you can use a trick to consistently get more Wheat. The only other thing you’ll need is that Grain Mill.

  • Step One: Collect Wheat.
  • Step Two: Put one Wheat into the Grain Mill to receive three Wheat Grains.
  • Step Three: Plant the three Wheat Grains to harvest three Wheat the next day.
  • Step Four: Repeat step two.

Rinse and repeat until your heart gives out! Or, until you have as much Wheat as you want.

How To Make Flour

The menu for making different seeds and items using the Grain Mill in Lego Fortnite.

Flour is an important ingredient in many recipes that you’ll be able to make in an Oven. While you might be able to randomly find Flour in chests, there is a way to make it, so you can stock up on it.

After collecting Wheat Grain, go to use your Grain Mill. You can input the Wheat Grain to change it into Flour. The exchange rate is one to one, so it’s not costly to create Flour.


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