Every Biome In Lego Fortnite, Ranked

One of the best parts about Lego Fortnite is how fun it is to explore the vast world within it. You can find five different biomes randomly across the procedurally generated world. Within these biomes, you can explore all you want, complete various quests, and find all the materials you need.




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This list will rank these biomes based on how fun they are to explore, how risky they can be, and the value of the various types of materials available there. It will also take into consideration the beauty of these places and how good they are for making a village.

5 Dry Valley

High Temperatures And Dangerous Monsters

A player in a Dry Valley biome in Lego Fortnite

Similarly to Minecraft, Lego Fortnite also has a dessert biome called Dry Valley. This biome is full of sand, cacti, and various other resources, such as flexwood and brightcore, which are essential for upgrading your village.

Although this biome is great for materials, you won’t want to spend too much of your time here as it can get really hot during the day and cold during the night. It is also not recommended to build your first village in the Dry Valley for this reason unless you are looking for a real challenge.

Make plenty of Snowberry Shakes before heading into the Dry Valley as it provides you with temporary heat resistance, so you don’t overheat.

It’s not just the temperature that you will have to look out for in this biome, but also the different types of monsters you will encounter. Dry Valley has stronger versions of the monsters you will find in other biomes, such as Stronger Skeletons and Wolves. There are also other monsters, such as Brutes and Sand Scorpions, which will make your experience of the desert even worse.

If you do want to venture into the Dry Valley, it is recommended to pack up a lot of heat and cold-resistant food and be well-prepared to fight.

4 Caves

The Sweetest Loot Is Always Inside Of Caves

Two players exploring the Caves in Lego Fortnite

Although it might not technically count as a biome, Caves are a completely different environment to other biomes in Lego Fortnite and thus deserve a spot on this list. These caves can randomly be found throughout the game and provide a lot of valuable resources inside them.

Although these caves might not be the most beautiful environments, they are still pretty cool to explore as all of them are randomly generated and have completely different layouts.


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As valuable as they are, you won’t just be able to enter a cave and come out with whatever resource you need as they house many creatures within their dark corners. You will have to be well-prepared if you want to go to a cave and come out alive.

Some of the most valuable resources you can find in these caves include Slurp Mushrooms, which are used to make Slurp Juice, and also many chests containing different types of equipment, such as arrows and seeds.

3 Frostlands

Don’t Come Without A Torch Or Any Fire Charm

A player in the Frostlands biome in Lego Fortnite

The Frostlands in Lego Fortnite looks incredible but can be extremely dangerous. This biome is freezing cold, and you will have to have good equipment if you want to take a trip to these snow-covered lands.

Being cold for too long will chip away at your health points and also make you slow, but venturing into this biome is still worth it due to how beautiful it is and the resources it provides. Keeping a torch to light the way and an Inner Fire Charm to keep you warm is a good idea if you want to head into the Frostlands.

Spicy Burgers and Snowberry Shakes are some of the best food items in the game and can be taken to give you cold resistance for ten minutes.

Along with the cold temperature, there are also monsters you will have to worry about in this biome. These monsters include Frost Wolves, Frost Scorpions, and Frost Brutes, which are some of the strongest in Lego Fortnite. The Frostlands also possess some of the best resources this game has to offer. Materials such as Sapphire, Malachite, Iron, and Frostpine Wood are Epic-tier resources that can only be collected using Epic-tier equipment.

2 Shores

The Best Place For Your Base

A player in the Shores biome in Lego Fortnite

The Shores are beach-like areas that can be found near the edges of large water bodies. This is perhaps the best biome to build your base in as it comes with a great view and a lot of free space. You can also choose to make a boat of your own and park it near your house to venture into the vast seas of the game whenever you like. You can find Brute Scales, which are essential items needed to upgrade your crafting bench in this biome.


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As great as the Shores can be, they also have some enemies you need to be wary of, including stronger Skeletons, Sand Rollers, and Brutes. Brutes, specifically, can be really dangerous monsters and will be tough to deal with without a high-tier Crossbow. This biome ranks higher on this list due to its combination of beautiful surroundings and valuable resources.

1 Grasslands

Just Bring An Umbrella

A player in the Grasslands biome in Lego Fortnite

The Grasslands is the simplest biome in the Lego Fortnite world and is a fantastic place for you to build your base. You will start off all of your survival games in the Grasslands biome, and you can venture off to the different environments from there on.

As the name suggests, the Grasslands are covered with grass and trees, making them incredibly beautiful. It is also a great place to build your base due to its scenic nature and the availability of plenty of resources such as wood and granite.

This biome does have a few monsters of its own, including wolves, spiders, and skeletons, which can be quite threatening, especially in the early game. The Grasslands can also get a little chilly during the rain, so make sure to have some form of heat protection if you are going to set up your village there. Overall, the simplicity of this biome, combined with a mix of beautiful sights, great materials, and weaker enemies, makes it the best biome in the game by far.


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