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French lawmaker calls for French soldiers in Israeli army to face justice for war crimes

PARIS: A French lawmaker has demanded that French nationals who are serving with the Israeli army during its ongoing war with Hamas in Gaza must be brought to justice if they are found to have been involved in war crimes. 

Thomas Portes, deputy of the French National Assembly, wrote on social-media platform X: “More than 4,000 French people involved in the Israeli army which is committing war crimes in Gaza!”

Portes has called on the French Minister of Justice to scrutinize the status of French nationals presently enlisted in the Israeli army, including those with dual citizenship, and said they must be held accountable if they were involved in war crimes.


“Given the war crimes committed by the Israeli army, both in Gaza and the West Bank, it is unacceptable for French citizens to participate,” Portes posted. 

His comments came amid escalating tensions in the Middle East, with Israel pledging to destroy Hamas following the militant group’s attack on Israeli territory on October 7. 

Israel’s military response since then has resulted in the deaths of more than 18,800 Palestinians, according to the Hamas-led Ministry of Health in Gaza, the majority of them women, children, or adolescents.

Portes’ call adds a new layer to the intricate dynamics of the region, sparking discussions about the legal implications for French citizens involved in foreign military operations.

This article originally appeared on Arab News en francais, click here to read it. 

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