Victoria Beckham reveals big plastic surgery regret

Some things are worth keeping hush-hush.

Victoria Beckham revealed her 12-year-old daughter, Harper, has no idea she once had breast implants because she wants to teach the pre-teen about self-love.

“If I’m honest, I wish I’d never [gotten implants],” the fashion designer told Allure for their December cover story, which was published on Thursday.

“It was a moment in time, and I think I can share my experiences with her,” she added. “But we’re not there just yet.”

Beckham, 49, had her implants removed in 2014 and has since been vocal about regretting getting them.

“Don’t mess with your boobs,” the former Spice Girls member wrote in a 2017 open letter to her younger self for British Vogue.

“All those years I denied it – stupid. A sign of insecurity. Just celebrate what you’ve got.”

Beckham told Allure she is trying to teach her daughter to embrace her natural beauty.

“[Yesterday Harper said,] ‘I’ve got a gap in my teeth, Mummy. And I’ve got that little mole right here,’” the Wannabe singer recalled to the publication. “I’m like, ‘That’s your lucky gap’.”

Beckham added, “And Cindy Crawford is a family friend, so I said, ‘Cindy was told to remove her mole, and that mole is what makes Cindy Cindy Crawford.’”

The proud mum shared that Harper is paying more attention to fashion, appearances and beauty — and even has a favourite makeup store — because of her age.

“Harper is obsessed with makeup, obsessed with beauty,” Beckham said.

“We were driving past her favourite makeup store, Space NK, the other day, and David [Beckham] said, ‘Oh, my goodness, your favourite store closed’.”

“It was so funny,” she continued. “She was like, ‘No, it’s fine, Daddy. Nobody panic. They’re just expanding’.”

Harper has also become more observant about what her mother wears — and has worn in the past.

In a 2022 interview with Vogue Australia, Beckham said her daughter scolded her for the mini skirts she often rocked while performing with the Spice Girls.

“‘Mummy, I’ve seen some pictures of you when you were in the Spice Girls and your skirts were just unacceptable. They were just too short,’” Beckham recalled Harper telling her.

Harper is one of the four children Beckham shares with her husband, David.

The iconic couple, who has been married since 1999, also shares sons Brooklyn, 24, Romeo, 21, and Cruz, 18.

This story originally appeared on Page Six and is republished here with permission.

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