Sydney suburb locals told to stop breeding over Christmas lights

Wealthy residents of a ritzy Sydney suburb have become embroiled in a comically privileged debate that led to some locals being asked to “stop breeding”.

In a cranky note posted to social media on Saturday, a resident of posh suburb Mosman, on the city’s north shore, asked neighbours to be considerate with their Christmas decorations.

“Many animals need darkness to thrive. If you have Christmas lights up, please put them on a timer to shut off to help our wildlife,” the terse post read.

A handful of locals reacted with a laughing emoji and listed reasons they felt her complaint was unwarranted.

While it was accepted that light pollution was obviously disruptive to wildlife, many highlighted its “minimal” impact when compared with year-round lighting from streets, people’s verandas, shop fronts and industrial lights.

“The effect that Xmas lights would have on this as an add onto the other light and noise pollution that surrounds our towns and affects wildlife as a percentage would be minimal at best,” one commented.

“Interesting feedback,” another remarked, hinting that while it was a predictable complaint, it wasn’t as bad as what people were complaining about up the road in the Northern Beaches.

Someone else was puzzled about what kind of wildlife had been spotted in Mosman, which was a highly populated suburb with minimal green spaces.

“Which wildlife in Mosman? The creatures crawling home from the city at 4am?” they joked.

Another suggested people be left to celebrate how they liked, given Christmas came around only once a year.

“Well at least there is only one truly festive time of year,” they said.

Some however were more supportive of the plea to reduce the intensity of Christmas lights in the interest of the local wild animals and slammed people who had poked fun at the post.

“Totally agree. More thought about bright lights and the effect it has on wildlife and surrounding community. Putting them on a timer is a good idea,” one wrote.

Someone else had a far more scathing reaction to the people who were laughing at the reaction.

“To those of you who posted laughing emojis, you’re twats. Educate yourselves. And please stop breeding,” one said.

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