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If you’ve ever thought sitting around and playing the Sims 4 all day meant you couldn’t be active, then guess again! Now you can live the active lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of living! Well, not you, but your Sims can, anyway. Dedicate your career to being the biggest, baddest athlete out there with the Sims 4 Athlete Career.




The Sims 4: Body Builder Aspiration Guide

You want a perfect Sim body? You’d better put in the work. Here’s how to complete the Body Builder aspiration.

As a career Athlete, your Sim can finally turn their Fitness Skill into a steady flow of Simoleons. Sims who choose the Athlete Career can decide to hone their skills and become a world-renowned Bodybuilder or a Pro Athlete. What’s even better, the Bodybuilder Career is also one of the most lucrative careers in the Sims 4.

How To Start The Athlete Career

The Sims 4: An image of the Athlete Career Picker Page

So your Sim wants to become a famous athlete. Now what? The first step is easy! Have your Sim enter their phone menu and choose the business tab (briefcase).

From here, you will have access to the career menu where your Sim can peruse the options and pick the career they want. Choose the Athlete Career option from the menu and your Sim is already well on their way to making their sporty dreams come true.

To help you progress through the ranks of the Athlete Career more quickly, it’s also to your benefit to have your Sim work out as much as possible to build their Fitness Skill. Your Sim’s Fitness Skill is directly tied to their progression as an Athlete, so the sooner you are able to level your skill, the faster you can fly up the ranks from rookie to pro.

Athlete Career Requirements

The Sims 4: A Sim Boxing

Luckily, since Fitness is a skill that your Sims can practice from just about anywhere, there aren’t any real pre-requisites to meet before starting your career as an Athlete. However, there are a few things you can do to help give your Sim the best opportunities possible on their journey.

Get A Home Gym

The Sims 4: An image of a Sim using the Exercise Machine

It’s best to make sure that your Athlete Sim has access to a gym or gym equipment. Gym equipment is a great way to improve your Sim’s Fitness Skill, and creating a home gym can help maximize your Sim’s opportunities to build their Fitness Skill from home.

Use Skill Resources

The Sims 4: An image of the Skills Classes choice page

Additionally, you can buy and read Fitness Skill books or attend a Fitness Skills class. You can order skill books from your Sim’s phone, computer, or bookshelf, and you can attend Skills Classes by choosing the ‘Sit In On Skill Class’ option in the ‘Business’ tab of your Sim’s cell phone.

Skills classes cost 250 Simoleons each and can be attended on any day, as long as you start the class during regular work hours. You can sit in on as many skills classes as you want in one day so long as it is within the regular workday window.


The Sims 4: A Sim Juggling A Soccer Ball

There are also a number of actions your Sim can take at home to raise their fitness skill. Having your Sims go for a jog, juggle a soccer ball, exercise on the floor, or take their pets on a walk can all raise Fitness Skill. Swimming is another great way to increase your athletic prowess. It might just be time to give your Sim that pool they keep dreaming about. (You don’t even have to give them a ladder in this game!)

Go To School

The Sims 4: A Sim Applying To University

If you have the Discover University pack installed, your Sim can also pursue a degree in Biology before becoming an athlete. Having a degree in Biology will give you a jumpstart on level advancement and a pay increase when you start your career.

Improve Your Charisma

The Sims 4: A Sim Giving Himself A Pep-Talk

The last big thing to consider when helping your Sim on the road to athletic success is that both the Bodybuilder and Pro Athlete branches of the Athlete career require you to level your Sim’s Charisma Skill. It’s not enough to be the strongest, you have to be likable, too.

The Energetic Lifestyle

The Sims 4: An image of the Energetic Lifestyle trait in the lifestyles page

Lifestyles are traits that your Sims unlock by performing actions that fit certain categorized activities, and they give your Sims additional actions, performance upgrades, and quirks. The Energetic Lifestyle trait will give Sims a boost when performing in high-energy careers like the Athlete Career. It will also improve your Sim’s mood when performing high-energy activities like exercising.

Get Energized!

The Sims 4: A Sim Swimming at night

When Sims have the Energized moodlet, their performance increases when doing active things like exercising. Lot traits like Sunny Aspect and Bracing Breezes, and CAS traits like Active also improve Sims’ energy and help them level up their Fitness Skill a little quicker.

If you plan to have your Sim level their Fitness Skill by jogging around their neighborhood, it’s a good idea to give them the Outdoorsy trait as well. An outdoorsy Sim will gain better moodlets when exercising outdoors.

Athlete Career Levels

The Sims 4: Llama Mascot outfit in CAS

Just like any other career your Sim can enrol in, the Athlete Career has ten levels. Your Sim will be able to choose a career branch for themselves at level five, at which they can choose between Bodybuilder and Pro Athlete.

Body Builder Career Branch Levels

The Sims 4: A Sim performing an energized Jog

Once your Sim has reached level five, they can choose the Body Builder Career Branch. This branch rakes in a pretty hefty payday once you reach level ten, bagging your Sims 3,000 Simoleons a day. If you’re aiming to make your Sim the richest on the block, the Body Building branch is a great way to achieve that goal – and look good doing it!

Pro Athlete Career Branch Levels

The Sims 4: A Sim Jogging

If your Sim isn’t looking to beef up to Bodybuilder level but still wants to achieve sports stardom, the Pro Athlete Career is the right choice for them. The Pro-Athlete Career Branch isn’t quite as lucrative as the Body Building Career, but hey, who doesn’t love an Underdog story?

Or Perhaps Something More Academic?

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