Woman’s rejection from rollercoaster inspires weight loss

A self-confessed takeaway addict inspired her husband to join her weight loss journey – and the couple have now dropped an impressive 89 kilograms between them.

Tracie Lord and her husband, Steve Lord, both 43, were in a cycle of unhealthy eating habits – getting fast food up to three times a weekend, SWNS reported.

The pair, who would regularly indulge in cake and biscuits at night-time, favoured regular all-inclusive holidays and trips to Florida.

At her heaviest, Tracie, a communications specialist, weighed 139kg and was a dress size 22.

It was after a trip to Florida in 2017, where she was left feeling a “little” embarrassed at not fitting into a rollercoaster seat at SeaWorld, that she knew something had to change.

Tracie’s weight loss journey officially began in October 2017, and she managed to lose 57kg in 18 months after totally overhauling her lifestyle.

“In 2017, I sat in a test seat ride for Mako at SeaWorld and unfortunately the bar to secure me in just wouldn’t go over my legs,” she said.

“Although I just brushed this off, subconsciously it gave me a kick up the bum.”

Tracie discovered she was munching nearly 3,000 calories a day and she quickly ditched her weekend takeaways, meal-deal lunches and white coffees.

Instead she swapped her unhealthy diet for “fakeaways’’, soups, water and black coffee.

In just 18 months, she managed to drop 57kg and six dress sizes with the support of her husband, a manufacturing technician.

Her progress was set back however when she received a “dreaded’’ breast cancer diagnosis in July 2022 at The Royal Albert Edward infirmary.

“I discovered I had breast cancer in my right breast after noticing a little lump in my left breast, and after an horrendous biopsy battling cancer became my top priority,’’ she said.

“I had surgery to remove the cancer, followed by 15 sessions of radio therapy.

“As there were some issues with testing my tissue for cancerous cells, I didn’t get the all clear until first my annual mammogram in October 2023.

“Steve was my rock throughout my cancer treatment, and I couldn’t of gotten through it without him.

“Although I’m on tamoxifen for the next five years of my life, I’m determined to keep the weight off.”

Tracie has since been given the all clear, and despite having to take medication for the next five years, she is back to feeling healthy – alongside her husband who has lost 31kg since also embarking on his weight loss journey 18 months ago.

Steve has gone from 120kg to just 89kg within that time and now enjoys going to the gym and cooking fresh meals with his wife, who said the journey became easier after her partner decided to join her.

The pair, who have been together for 21 years, used to snack on chocolate, crisps and biscuits, and have a Chinese or Japanese takeaway up to three times over a weekend. Tracie said once she joined the gym it was like the weight was dropping off her.

She said: “It was a difficult time for us both, but now I’m cancer free, I’m even more determined to push myself and Steve back into our healthy eating habits.

“My weight loss definitely triggered Steve’s and he’s stepped up his gym game.

“We both bounce off of each other and encourage each other to be more mindful of the food we eat.

“I’ve introduced him to ‘fakeaways’ instead of takeaways and we both enjoy cooking our favourite Chinese dishes in a healthier way.

“Although we still enjoy social events, and the occasional takeaway, we are just a little bit more mindful of what we eat.”

The pair have now lost 89kg between them and in September 2023, they returned to Florida and Tracie was “finally able’’ to fit into the seat on the Mako ride.

“It has been amazing going back this year and us both being able to enjoy our holiday without feeling really tired and hot all the time,” she said.

“Me and Steve had such a solid relationship, and healthier eating has brought us even closer.

“Something I didn’t think was possible.

“We cook together and we love showing each other new recipes that we’ve discovered.”

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