All Week 6 Seasonal Challenges

The sixth set of Seasonal Challenges for Destiny 2’s Season of the Wish were made available this week, introducing five new challenges that grant a massive chunk of XP and Bright Dust. If you’re looking to level your Artifact or purchase some items from Eververse, these challenges should be completed as soon as possible.




Destiny 2: Season Of The Wish – All Week 5 Seasonal Challenges

Eliminate bosses, defeat enemies with Primary weapons, and progress the seasonal questline to complete some of this week’s challenges.

This week’s challenges require you to level your Artifact, complete Iron Banner matches, and clear pathways in seasonal activities. While simple, most of this week’s challenges are fairly grindy and will take multiple days for many to complete. We’ll give some tips on how to complete each challenge as quickly as possible, along with exact XP and Bright Dust values you can expect from completing each challenge.

Wishkeeper VI

Destiny 2 Mara Speaking To Riven

Wishkeeper VI: Complete Week 6 of “Wishing All the Best.”


The sixth week of the “Wishing All the Best” questline requires you to defeat enemies in certain Dreaming City regions and complete Blind Well runs. If you need Blind Well charges, you can purchase them from Petra Venj in the Dreaming City. Complete all the objectives, then report back to Mara to finish this week’s quest steps.

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Dragon Delves

Destiny 2 Mara Sov Standing In Front Of Riven's Spirit

Dungeon Delves: Complete pathways in Riven’s Lair and The Coil.


Dungeon Delves requires you to complete 30 pathways in Riven’s Lair and The Coil. A pathway consists of two combat encounters and a boss fight, meaning you’ll need to kill 30 bosses in total.

Unfortunately, this challenge isn’t retroactive, so you’ll need to clear 30 pathways starting this week. Since this season will last until June, we recommend completing a couple of Riven’s Lair or Coil runs per week to slowly complete this challenge.

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Mod Collector

Destiny 2 Season Of The Wish Queensfoil Censer Artifact

Mod Collector: Unlock Artifact mods.


  • 50,000 XP
  • 150 Bright Dust

This challenge is retroactive.

Mod Collector tracks how many Artifact perks you’ve unlocked in the Queensfoil Censer throughout the season. Unlocking 12 perks will finish this challenge, the maximum number of perks you can have active for a given Artifact.

Artifact perks are unlocked by earning XP. Any source of XP counts, including PvE and PvP content. If you still need to unlock a few perks, we recommend you complete Seasonal Challenges and weekly Pinnacle Gear challenges.

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Iron Sharpens Iron

Destiny 2 Season of the Seraph Iron Banner

Iron Sharpens Iron: Complete Iron Banner matches. Earn bonus progress for wins.


Iron Banner is a limited-time mode that typically appears once per month, lasting for an entire week. If Iron Banner isn’t active, you can’t complete this challenge.

Iron Sharpens Iron tracks your Iron Banner loses and wins, granting progress for every game you play. You will need to complete roughly 8-15 matches to finish this challenge. Wins grant twice as much progress. Stick with your team, use builds you’re comfortable with, and you should have no issue completing this challenge.

If you need some PvP builds for this season’s Iron Banner, check out our build guides below:

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Rapid Precision

Destiny 2 Sunshot Hand Cannon

Rapid Precision: Get rapid precision final blows. Bonus progress is granted for defeating Guardians, and for every defeated target after the second one.


  • 100,000 XP
  • 300 Bright Dust

This challenge requires you to land 150 precision final blows. Progress will begin to track after you land a precision double kill, with each additional precision kill granting bonus progress. You’ll want to farm a PvE activity to get this done quickly.

The opening encounter of Grasp of Avarice is a great spot, as the enemies will infinitely spawn from the loot cave. Bring a good Hand Cannon or Scout Rifle, and you should be able to complete this challenge in a few minutes.

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