Triple J criticised for reaction to Ocean Alley shoplifting stunt

Triple J has been called out for its “pathetic” reaction to Ocean Alley rocker Lachlan Galbraith’s shoplifting incident, with the radio station being accused of “making light” of the situation.

Aussie musician Galbraith made headlines on Tuesday after he apologised for shoplifting a $17.95 Yeti drink bottle lid from a Hunting and Fishing store in Queenstown, New Zealand.

Discussing the stunt on Triple J’s breakfast program, fill-in co-host Luka Muller began by explaining the incident.

“What happened was the Hunting and Fishing store in Queenstown where Ocean Alley were playing that night on New Year’s Eve … (they) put this post up on their Instagram showing the keyboardist from Ocean Alley appearing to sort of slip just the drink bottle lid into his bag and they caught it,” he said.

After the segment, one listener took to Reddit to criticise the coverage, writing “Triple J are pathetic”.

“They were talking about the incident this morning on the radio. Pretty much completely absolved and made light of what Galbraith did,” the listener wrote online.

“’We all accidentally put something in our tote bag at the shops and don’t realise until later’. This is a real quote from one of the hosts and they weren’t being sarcastic,” they claimed.

The listener was seemingly referencing a statement by co-host Jordan Barr where she joked: “Look, we’ve all put stuff in our tote bags and not realise till we got home that we didn’t pay for the fancy pasta sauce”.

“You know, like, it happens to the best of us.”

Others on Reddit rejected the assertion, accusing the hosts of “downplaying” the theft.

“No, no I don’t ‘accidentally’ put something in my tote bag and not realise until later. Let alone [a]… big f*** off water bottle. JJJ are sinking lower and lower,” one person wrote.

“Literally never ‘accidentally’ put anything in my bag while in a shop in my life,” said another.

“Stupid move trying to downplay it,” another wrote.

Galbraith apologised for the incident after the store called him out for stealing in a post on social media while referencing the band’s hit song Confidence.

“Good to see the fellas in town for their performance at [the Rhythm and Alps music festival] tonight,” the store wrote in its post, referring to the band’s gig in Queenstown.

“Unfortunately, it looks like there was just a little too much ‘Confidence’ in-store today.”

The store asked the rocker to return the lid in their social media post.

“We realise hydration is important, so no worries, but please feel free to return the yeti Chug cap back before you leave town tomorrow,” the store continued on social media.

“All the best for 2024 and the tour ahead.”

Galbraith later called his actions “foolish” in social media post.

“Yesterday in an act of complete foolishness, I stole a drink bottle lid from Queenstown Hunting & Fishing,” he began in the video. “It is a moment I am not proud of and one that I have deep regret and remorse for. I’ve apologised directly to the team at the store and we’ve rectified the situation.”

“I’m sorry for disappointing our fans, the store and of course the band. My actions do not reflect on how we carry ourselves as a band.

“It is a moment I am not proud of at all and one that I have deep regret and remorse for,” the musician said.

“I have reached out to the team (store) directly, and we have rectified the situation.

“I am so sorry for disappointing all of our fans, the team at the store and of course the band.”

The store has since deleted the footage and thanked Galbraith for his public apology.

“We are in no way offering special treatment based on who the person is,” they wrote in part. “They have apologised, owned up and made the appropriate reparations. We in turn deleted the post as we would anyone who made the appropriate effort to rectify the situation.

“The embarrassment and aftermath of this particular event should be punishment enough.” has contacted ABC for comment.

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