MultiVersus McDonald’s Promo Reveals New Character Renders, Hints At 24th Character

The long-rumoured MultiVersus promo at McDonald’s has finally gone live, giving us a new look at the game’s updated renders for most of the fighters on the roster and seemingly hinting at the reveal of the 24th playable character.



It’s been a bit of a painful year, but it looks like things are finally coming up Milhouse for MultiVersus fans. Ever since the game was taken offline early last year, we’ve all been waiting patiently for any kind of news, something that’s been teased and confirmed by the developers multiple times over the past few months.


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Although we’ve yet to see anything of the game’s relaunch, we have at least been getting crumbs of news from none other than McDonald’s. Last month, stickers could be spotted in European countries that said that MultiVersus was the next Happy Meal collaboration, which was the closest thing to news we’d had on the game at the time. That was later confirmed by the McDonald’s website, hinting that the promo was coming soon.

It turns out that “soon” was actually yesterday, as the promo has already gone live in certain parts of the world. Beyond introducing some cool collectible cards, the promo also gives us a look at brand-new renders for nearly everyone on the roster. The render changes can best be seen in this image of one of the cards that was shared by reliable MultiVersus insider AusilMV.

The card clearly shows updated designs for many of the characters, including Harley (who seems to have been covered up a bit for the promo), Wonder Woman, Black Adam, and more. As a Steven Universe fan, I’m happy to say that my boy got the best treatment, and now looks spot-on compared to the show. We just need a Future variant now.

As great as it is to see updated looks for most of the main roster, one of the most interesting things to come from the collaboration. As pointed out by Twitter user PapaGenos, the description for the tie-in on the McDonald’s website mentions that players can “collect all 24 iconic characters”, which is interesting since MultiVersus currently only has 23 fighters.

This could possibly be hinting that the McDonald’s crossover will reveal a new character, but there are some other things to consider. It’s possible that the description is simply a typo, but it could also be counting one of the alternate skins like Fern, Cake, and Uncle Shagworthy as a separate character. It’s also possible that it’s counting Tom and Jerry, a duo fighter, as separate characters on different cards.

We’ve already seen quite a bit from the MultiVersus McDonald’s crossover, so it feels like we’d have seen by now if there was a hidden 24th character rumbling around in Happy Meals, so for now it’s best to imagine that it’s just a mistake. Still, we clearly aren’t far from something big happening for MultiVersus.


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