Valiant Ark, SkyRise Digital’s survival RPG enters early access for Android in the US

Valiant Ark is a post-apocalyptic survival RPG currently available as early access for Android in the United States. Valiant Ark is provided by SkyRise Digital, also known for games like Tribal Rise, Souls Surge, Troopers, and Endless Frost. In this game set out on an exciting journey through the submerged ruins of civilization. Explore city ruins, seaside resorts, and abandoned factories while unraveling the mysteries hidden beneath the water’s surface.

Lead your people to survival in a submerged world full of challenges in Valiant Ark

In a world devastated by a catastrophic tsunami, a new gaming experience awaits as Valiant Ark immerses players in the depths of a post-apocalyptic setting. Your mission as the brave adventurer and leader of a survivor settlement is to navigate the submerged world while facing the challenges of survival head-on.

Valiant Ark early access
Image via SkyRise Digital

Bring together a diverse group of Heroes, each with their own set of skills, and lead them on daring expeditions to unknown islands. Confront mutated creatures, harvest vital resources, and lay the groundwork for the future development of your settlement. Discover the surviving talents scattered throughout the post-apocalyptic landscape and put together a formidable team of Heroes. Combine their abilities and skills strategically to overcome threats and crises, ensuring your people’s survival.

Use the resources you gathered during your adventures to bring back your settlement. Learn advanced disaster prevention technology from other regions, repair and upgrade buildings, and gradually transform your community’s settlement into an ideal homeland.

Players from the US can start taking on the depths of the Wild Sea

Are you up for the life-or-death battle against the tsunami in Valiant Ark? Take on the challenge, discover the secrets of the submerged world, and fight for your people’s survival. Prepare for an immersive gaming experience in which every choice you make affects the fate of your settlement. Will you be able to rise above the waves or will you be swept away by the relentless tide? The adventure is waiting for you!

Valiant Ark is currently available for Android users from the United States to download from the Google Play Store. The devs are yet to announce an official date for the iOS release or the Global release date, so players will have to wait a little longer to obtain the game and keep an eye out for official news.

Are you excited as Valiant Ark enters early access for Android in the US? Let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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