Best Divine Spells For Clerics In Pathmaster 2e Remaster

With the release of Pathfinder Second Edition Remaster books, some things were changed, others were adjusted, but many stayed the same. Clerics are still great at what they do, while the Magical Tradition based on Divine spells has a lot to offer – and that is not likely to change.




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The Player Core book brings us some fun and powerful spells for every cleric out there. There are quite a few great healing spells, but don’t worry, if you’re more on the side of providing holy judgment to the people around the world, this Magical Tradition lets you do that too.

10 Breath Of Life

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If one of your allies is about to die, you can summon the power of your deity to react at the last second. This spell gives you the ability to revive your target at the moment of their death, restoring 5d8 Hit Points to them.

Breath Of Life is one of those spells you want to have ready at all times, just in case. Ideally, you will be handing out divine wrath with other great spells and abilities, and you won’t even need this one. However, when the time comes for you to pull your friend out from the jaws of death, you’ll feel like the coolest character at the table.

9 Canticle Of Everlasting Grief

Abomination Vaults From Pathfinder 2e
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This spell is an amazing example of something you can flavor in multiple different ways, depending on the personality of your character. In short, you can curse a creature with a haunting, sad melody, causing them to feel deep sadness and despair. You can deal up to 10d6 damage on a failed save, causing fear in your target.

One of the best things about this spell is the storytelling potential behind its effect. Think about what your character wants the enemy to imagine and how you want to achieve this. Is it retribution or justice? Your GM can also use this spell to give some of the party members a chance to confront their past and overcome their fears. The possibilities are endless.

Targets cursed by the Canticle Of Everlasting Grief can not benefit from circumstance or status bonuses while the curse lasts.

8 Chilling Darkness

Pathfinder Forest Spirits Attacking
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Perfect for a cleric with a darker side, this spell provides a very effective way to deal with all kinds of holy enemies. This ray of dark energy deals 5d6 cold damage, but if your target has the holy trait, then you can add 5d6 spirit damage to the total.


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While this spell is useful anyway, it would find its best use in a darker setting, with you potentially playing as a neutral or even an evil character. However, Chilling Darkness is probably at the peak of its destructive power when your GM decides to let your enemies have it.

7 Crisis Of Faith

Shelyn, goddess of art and beauty, fights against Zon-Kuthon, fallen god of deity of beauty
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Sometimes, you just need to take a break from healing and cast a good old-fashioned single-target damaging spell. Crisis Of Faith is one of the best you can choose. It forces a Will save, and you can deal up to 6d6 mental damage, or even 6d8 if your target can cast divine spells.

When you cast this spell, you have a great roleplaying opportunity. You cause your target to start doubting their closest convictions, and their faith wavers. Think about how you can achieve this. Is it a nice, stern talk? Or is it a magically enhanced philosophical debate? You have so many options.

6 Divine Decree

A bearded spellcaster wielding magic
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By the power of your words, you can cause every enemy up to 40 feet away from you to suffer 7d10 spirit damage. Moreover, every creature caught in the spell must make a Fortitude save or become enfeebled for a time.


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The effect of this spell is powerful enough to earn a place on any list of divine spells. The reliable usefulness in every battle and the size of the area of effect of your Divine Decree can help you get through some serious problems when you’re outnumbered, and you will never find yourself missing your wizard and their Fireball.

5 Avatar

A celestial being from Pathfinder
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You call forth the divine power of your deity, and you turn into a living avatar of their glory in this world. You grow in size and you gain multiple powerful benefits. Your AC becomes 25 plus your level, and you gain 30 temporary Hit Points, Darkvision, and even more abilities based on the specific deity you worship.

Whatever your favorite thing about divine magic is, transforming into an avatar of a deity has to be one of the coolest things you could ever do. This is a spell of the highest rank, with a lot of story potential, and the first time you cast it is guaranteed to be the talk of the table for weeks to come.

Don’t forget to familiarize yourself with the statistics for your deity. This spell gives you different ways to deal with your enemies, depending on which God you worship, so keep that in mind before your first glorious transformation.

4 Divine Immolation

Pathfinder Adventuring Party Fighting In Throne Room
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Maybe you don’t get to cast Fireball, but Divine Immolation is a pretty close second when it comes to fiery AOE spells in Pathfinder Second Edition Remaster. Creatures caught by your spell start burning with holy fire, and they take 6d6 damage which can be either fire or spirit, depending on the circumstances. Also, while your targets are on fire they continue taking persistent fire damage.


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Spells like this one, with extra conditions and ways to do more damage under certain circumstances, are always a great thing to have in your games. You’ll probably have to plan and think, which will make your fights much more interesting, and every time your plans work – the feeling will be amazing.

3 Moment Of Renewal

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Probably the most powerful healing spell in the game, Moment Of Renewal will make you the party favorite. This spell restores up to six creatures you can touch, giving them the benefits of a full rest. Your targets regain all of their Hit Points, and they recover from all conditions as if they rested for 24 hours.

Imagine your adventuring party in a difficult battle, standing in a circle, surrounded by enemies. The day has been long, everyone is wounded, and things aren’t looking good. However, with a touch and a word, you return your allies to their full strength, turning the situation around. Being a good healer is an extremely rewarding experience.

2 Raise Dead

Paladin in front of a church with doves
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When you build a cleric in Pathfinder, helping the lost souls of your friends get back to the world is among the basic expectations, at least within your adventuring party. If the creature you want to revive has died in the last 3 days, you can try to return their soul from the Boneyard.

While Raise Dead is a very simple spell, it is a must-have for every good cleric. Hopefully, you won’t need it very often, or at all, but if the time comes for you to spend some gems and return a comrade to life, you’ll want to be ready.

1 Revival

Kyra, The Cleric of Sarenrae channels holy energy to destroy undead
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One of the most powerful spells any cleric could ever cast, Revival allows you to become a personification of healing energy. By casting this spell, you return any number of targets within range back to life, while also healing all living targets for 10d8 plus 40 Hit Points.

This spell is the ultimate showcase of your fate and your divine power. However, such a powerful spell also comes with a lot of story potential. How does your character feel about returning the dead to life? You are now among the most powerful clerics in the world, but what does that mean for you? All the best spells in Pathfinder can almost be a trigger for a whole new campaign, and this is certainly one of those spells.


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