Fortnite Players Might Have Figured Out When OG Is Returning In 2024

Fortnite players think that they’ve figured out when Fortnite: OG is going to be returning in 2024, as the season’s OG Win Umbrella contains a pretty big hint.



December was undoubtedly one of the most exciting months in Fortnite history with all the new modes and long-awaited characters that it introduced to the game but, for many players, Chapter 5 and all its new additions paled in comparison to what November brought to the table – Fortnite: OG.


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Fortnite players have been begging Epic for a long time to be able to return to the good old glory days of Chapter 1, and that’s exactly what Fortnite: OG did… for a limited time. The mini-season only lasted for a month (with a reduced Battle Pass to go along with it), causing players to ask for it to be a permanent game mode just like what happened with Zero Build back in the day.

Although it doesn’t look like Fortnite: OG is going to be turned into a permanent fixture of the game any time soon (why would it be when it can make Battle Pass money?), we do already know that it’s going to be coming back at some point in 2024. Although Epic has been cagey about saying when, Fortnite fans think they might have found a clue.

Over on the Fortnite subreddit, Redditor stringggg shared an image of the Time Brella glider that could be unlocked by getting a Victory Royale in Fortnite: OG. The umbrella might seem innocuous at first but, as pointed out in the Reddit post, it actually has two dates on it that could be significant.

Ignoring the second date, which reads “June 8, 2068” and won’t be something we can verify until I’m in the ground, the first date on the umbrella is “May 4, 2024”, which is Star Wars day. It’s not clear why the umbrella is pointing to that date specifically, but some fans think that it could be when Fortnite: OG is going to make a return.

Considering the Time Brella is directly linked to getting a win in Fortnite: OG, that assumption does make some sense in the grand scheme of things. However, since Star Wars and Fortnite are as thick as thieves, it does seem a little unlikely that Epic would ignore a chance at another Star Wars day for its own event that it can host whenever, so another theory is that it’s actually pointing to Star Wars day being part of some futuristic timeskip season.

We won’t know for a couple of months, but if you’re hoping for the return of Fortnite: OG, then this might be the best bit of evidence you can hang onto.


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