Marvel Finally Makes Its Youtooz Debut Via New Spider-Man Collection

You’d think considering the length of time Marvel has been a massive success – both before the MCU was even a thing and after it launched the franchise into the stratosphere – that pretty much every toy and collectible on the market would have teamed up with the creators of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes by now, but no. Well, not until now. Youtooz, collectible figures modeled after countless iconic characters, previously didn’t have any Marvel characters on its roster, but that changes today.



Youtooz revealed it has teamed up with Marvel to create five Spider-Man figures, and now those figures are available to buy. The quintet of webslingers was shown off in a very cool video you can check out below, bringing the Youtooz to life and detailing the comic books each of the Spideys comes from. The two Amazing Spider-Man figures are the ones most synonymous with the character, the first figure listed based on the hero’s design from his very first appearance.


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Peter Parker’s Spider-Man isn’t the only variant to have received the Youtooz treatment. Miles Morales is getting a Youtooz figure too. Morales’s figure is perched on a stack of CRT TV sets, his eyes designed to look like the screens on which he’s sitting. Also a part of the collection is Spider-Man 2099. Gaining more notoriety since his appearance in Across The Spider-Verse, odds are this one will be just as popular as the Peter and Miles figures considering the success of the sequel and anticipation for the third movie.

Last but not least is the Web of Spider-Man Youtooz figure. Perhaps the most relevant figure of the five right now since, even though it isn’t directly connected to Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, the figure looks a lot like Insomniac’s Spidey when he is struggling to tear himself away from the symbiote bonded to him. Pre-orders for all five Youtooz are live, both through the Youtooz site and Entertainment Earth, but figures won’t ship until May 2024.

At $39.99 each, it will also cost you quite a bit should you want to own all five. Each of them is listed as “limited edition” too, so no telling how long they will actually be available. Hopefully, this is just the beginning of a fruitful partnership between Marvel and Youtooz, though. It seems likely these figures will sell well, and I’d hazard to guess there are already plans for more characters to get the Youtooz treatment in the future. Why should Funko have all the fun after all?


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