Where To Find FlowBerry Fizz And What It Does In Fortnite

You can easily heal your entire squad with Fortnite’s FlowBerry Fizz – here’s everything you need to know about this item.

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Chapter 5, Season 1, introduced Fortnite to a whole different island. After experiencing Season OG back on Athena Island, most commonly known as the OG island, the game then made way for a new beginning following the Big Bang event, and the community landed on Helios Island.




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This latest season introduced FlowBerries — a great consumable that can heal 15 Shield and give you a Hop Rock effect. But now, you can also find and consume FlowBerry Fizz – this guide will tell you everything you need to know about it, such as how to find and use it.

How To Find FlowBerry Fizz

A split image of a player destroying a supply drone through a scope, and a player beside a FlowBerry Fizz bottle in Fortnite.

FlowBerry Fizz is a Rare (Blue rarity) item, so finding it shouldn’t be too complicated. However, loot spawns are random in Fortnite, and even though rarity affects how often an item will spawn, it’s mostly up to luck.

You can find FlowBerry Fizz as floor loot, as these spawn as soon as the game starts, but you can also search chests and destroy supply drones.

It seems that the easiest way to find them is to take down a supply drone.

However, these will only appear near Hot Spots, which limits the search to two random named locations on the map each match.

How To Use FlowBerry Fizz

A split image of a player using FlowBerry Fizz in Fortnite.

The FlowBerry Fizz item will provide 100 Shield within a certain perimeter when it’s used. You can do this by selecting its inventory slot and pressing and holding the Use button.

It will grant three Shield at first, but if you keep the button pressed, it’ll continuously give Shield until it runs out. Once it’s depleted, it will disappear from your inventory.

If you’re playing solos, it’s a great way to get to 100 Shield immediately without searching for additional Shield Potions.

If you’re playing a duo, trios, or squads game, it’ll prove even more useful as you’ll be able to make the most of it and give yourself and your teammates extra Shield. This item seems too good to be true, especially considering it’s relatively easy to find.


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