Wolverine Will Have Real-Time Damage And Regeneration

Last month, a ransomware group called Rhysida hacked Insomniac and stole 1.6 terabytes of data, threatening to release the information if Sony didn’t pay $2 million in Bitcoin. 98 percent of the hack was published online a week later, including private employee details and a playable build of Wolverine. With the hack being historic in scale, the contents of the files are still being sifted through and leaked online, with even more information on Wolverine surfacing.



Recently, a video was pulled from the files, showing the real-time damage and healing mechanic, with several different stages of gore on display. As in the X-Men: Origins game, if you get hit in combat, you can be stripped down to the bone, but you’ll soon regenerate.

The video shows a fleshy, humanoid figure in perfect condition, that same figure with several flesh wounds (even featuring a visible ribcage), a skinless variant, and a bloody skeleton. It’s unclear how much of this in-depth damage system will remain in the final game as development could see the idea stripped down or scrapped entirely before release.

Making a Wolverine game means tackling a pretty interesting challenge – his immortality. In the comics, he once regenerated from a single cell, surviving an unbelievably brutal attack as his body scrambled to put itself back together.

With death off the table, how do you ‘lose’ a fight? In most games, your health dwindles to zero and it’s game over, but for Wolverine, that’s just a pit-stop.

Insomniac isn’t ignoring this aspect of his mythos as there is development footage showing his healing factor, but perhaps it won’t be as strong, or ‘dying’ will still mean losing, even if he would regenerate afterward.

Another interesting challenge is separating Wolverine’s body and costume. In X-Men: Origins, healing would also, bizarrely, stitch the spandex back together. To the best of my knowledge, subconscious sewing repairs aren’t one of Logan’s superpowers. At least not yet.

Given that Insomniac implemented a costume damage system in Spider-Man 2, we may see it used in Wolverine on top of the regeneration for a more immersive effect.

At any rate, Wolverine is reportedly aiming to launch in 2026 (as per the hacked internal documents) and a lot could change in the next two years. For the time being, however, Insomniac is toying with a real-time healing factor, expanding on the incredibly impressive tech we saw in Origins.


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