The Best Anime You Could Watch From 2023

Anime series just keep growing as the years go by. Places like Crunchyroll have always been great for finding your newest favorite anime, but other streaming services like Netflix and Hulu have stepped up their game in the animation world. You’ll find some pleasant surprises with your subscriptions.




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With so many new titles every year, it can be hard to keep up with them all, or even figure out which are the most worth your time. Well, 2023 was no exception to that, with some great new shows for you to check out. So, here are the best anime 2023 had to offer.

10 Castlevania: Nocturne

Vampire Fighting Mayhem

Richter Belmont in Castlevania Nocturne

Following in the footsteps of the original Castlevania anime from Netflix, Nocturne brings some new faces to the concept that drew audiences for the first time. It does enough to pull itself out of the shadow of the first series, and longtime fans of the games will be excited to see new exploits in the Belmont family.

Richter doesn’t have all the charm or sass of Trevor, but he’s still quite a fun protagonist to get to know. There’s new spells, new monsters, a new setting, and all-around new vampire-hunting adventures to get wrapped up in.

9 Trigun Stampede

Vash Is Back

trigun main character sitting on ground holding arm

2023 was a year of semi-reboots it seems. Trigun Stampede brought back an anime series that many fell in love with in the late 90s. Sure enough, the 60-billion double-dollar man is back with more tales of adventure.

You don’t have to know about the earlier series to enjoy this one, although you might get used to the characters a bit faster that way. It’s a fun take on a sci-fi western-type setting with some wacky stories mixed in with some memorable action and a bright art style.

8 Zom 100: Bucket List Of The Dead

Who Said The Apocalypse Had To Be Bad?

zom 100 main characters riding motorcycle surrounded by zombies

Zom 100 is an odd mix of genres, but you shouldn’t let that dissuade you from giving it a shot. The premise is simple enough: what if life for someone was so bad, that a zombie apocalypse was actually the best thing to happen to him?


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What follows is an outrageous series about making the most out of life, and breaking away from monotony. You’d think it would focus more on the horror side, being about zombies and all, but it’s a surprisingly humorous treat.

7 Junji Ito Japanese Tales Of The Macabre

More Tales From The Horror Master

Junji Ito Collection

Junji Ito has been a Japanese horror icon for some years now, and while he has dabbled on projects on the home screen, none have been as hard-hitting as his Tales Of The Macabre. It’s an anthology series connected by odd and dark stories that you’re sure to be creeped out by.

Each story is unique, with characters you’ve never quite seen before, and tales that range from unnerving to downright creepy. If you’re a horror fan, then this one is a must-watch, but if you aren’t, then this might make you one.

6 Buddy Daddies

Assassins Turned Fathers

buddy daddies one character holding little girl while other characters watch

Buddy Daddies may have an odd name, but the title of this part action part comedy anime shouldn’t put you on the wrong foot about it. Two high-ranking assassins have joined together with their comrades to take out a mafia boss.

The only problem with their plan is when a lone little girl walks into their plan. She has a task of her own: finding her father somewhere in the big city. As they meet, emotions clash, families are made, and new stories are told.

5 Scott Pilgrim Takes Off

“Next Time We Don’t Date The Girl With Eleven Evil Ex-Boyfriends”

Scott chatting with Ramona crushing a red Solo cup, asking about whether she knows about Sonic the Hedgehog.

A semi-remake of the popular movie from the 2010s, the cast of the movie all seemed to have jumped at the chance to dub the English version. Following the exploits of Scott Pilgrim as he rather quickly falls in love with a girl he sees in passing, it’s a story unlike any other.


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It’s an interesting retelling of the movie and the comic as well, with a fresh redesign on the plot with characters people have come to love. It’s an anime you’d be amiss to skip out on, with bright colors and a pretty solid soundtrack to boot. Plus, who doesn’t love all the gaming references they added to it?

4 Blue Lock

Soccer In The Future

blue lock characters wrestling

Part sports anime and part sci-fi, Blue Lock may be more of a slow burn than others on this list, but it has a lot to keep you interested once you start watching. The show follows Yoichi Isagi as he struggles to redeem himself after making a bad play in a soccer game and causing his team to lose.

Thankfully, he has the chance to make a name for himself still, a peculiar group approaches him with obscure goals revolving around a national soccer team. It gets weirder than you’d think, but the characters and the fun style will keep you interested until the plot develops further.

3 Pluto

A Sleuthy Sci-Fi Story

pluto main character waving

Reminiscent of anime like Astro Boy and Battle Angel Alita, Pluto brings the morality of what it means to be a human to the forefront. The animation style in the trailer alone should be sharp enough to pique your interest.

While that may bring you in, the emotional story will keep you hooked until long after the end of the series. Anime fans don’t often get protagonists as complex and as interesting as Inspector Gesicht, so it’s a real treat to see how he discovers the reason behind a handful of android rumors.

2 Blue Eye Samurai

“The Edge We Forge Cuts The Line Between Life And Death”

a banner for the Netflix show, Blue Eye Samurai, featuring the main character looking over a vista

One of the many Netflix animated shows that they’ve been focusing more on, Blue Eye Samurai sort of… came out of the blue. The tale of a samurai with a troubled past who is often shunned for who she is, her path is a lonely and bloody one.

It’s a revenge story that’s full of diverse characters, emotional plots, and plenty of action. It’s made a name for itself since it came out, and for good reason, especially considering the short run time of its first season.

1 The Fire Hunter

Who Thought Fire Would Be So Dangerous

the fire hunter main character and father looking out into the distance

The Fire Hunter has a plot unlike any other, but it’s one that will have you entranced by the world you find yourself in. Based on the books by Rieko Hinata, the story revolves around Touko who at first is an ordinary girl in an isolated village.

As is a trope in many different anime, her life is changed forever after a key moment. But, the setting is what makes it stand out from the trope. The people who live in this world can no longer use fire, in fact getting too close to fire has some explosive results. It’s a show reminiscent of the nature scenes in Mononoke, but with enough twists to keep you guessing until the end.


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