Pizza Tower Fans “Fuming” After Losing Best OST To The Last Of Us

Pizza Tower fans are “fuming” and “f**king done” after seeing the game lose to The Last of Us Part 1 for “Best Soundtrack” at The Steam Awards.



As you’re all no-doubt aware of by now, 2023 was chock-full of bangers, from big releases like Spider-Man 2, Alan Wake 2, and Baldur’s Gate 3, to smaller titles like Cocoon, Dredge, and Venba. One of the most overlooked games of the year, though, was Pizza Tower, an excellent Wario Land-esque title that quickly garnered a huge fanbase for its speedy platforming, heart-pumping soundtrack, and unlimited meme potential.


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Despite getting some amazing reviews and being viewed by its community as one of the best platformers of the last decade, Pizza Tower hasn’t been quite so seen during awards season. Last month it lost out to Cocoon for the “Best Debut Indie Game” award at The Game Awards, which upset fans, but was at least a fair loss.

The latest snub is a whole lot more confusing, though. The Steam Awards 2023 went live yesterday and had some incredibly strange winners, including Red Dead Redemption 2 winning “Labour of Love” despite its online being left in the dust and Starfield getting “Most Innovative Gameplay” despite really just being another Bethesda game but this time set in space.

Those awards were already weird enough, but perhaps the most egregious example was The Last of Us Part 1 taking home the “Best Soundtrack” award and somehow beating out Pizza Tower. Not only is Pizza Tower beloved for its soundtrack (listen to the main theme at the gym – you’ll thank me later), but The Last of Us Part 1 is a remaster of a game from 2013 instead of something original.

Pizza Tower fans are reacting just as well as you’d expect from such a weird situation, with the game’s subreddit currently full of posts calling it out as a ridiculous situation. One post from Redditor bkggkfhlnswfhk shows The Last of Us’ win with the caption, “I’m so f**king done”, while another from Redditor Waste-Editor1323 simply says “I AM F**KING FUMING”.

While The Steam Awards have clearly been controversial for a number of communities, Pizza Tower getting snubbed for a second time in one month is a massive shame that’s hit its dedicated fans quite hard. Let’s hope that it gets its deserved time in the limelight at some point this year.


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