I Messed Up My Baldur’s Gate 3 Cross Saves

The Xbox release of Baldur’s Gate 3 has been notoriously buggy, to the point where I was putting off playing on console at all in order to avoid losing my save files. I gave in though, starting a new campaign with my partner for the new year, and I haven’t had issues with those save files so far – though I have a feeling that just by saying this, I may have cursed myself. God, I hope not. I was excited to get back to my first playthrough, which I’d left in Act 2 and have yet to finish, but it looks like I’ve screwed myself.



This is how the sad tale unfolded. In October, I wrote about how I’d let Jaheira die and was convinced there was no way to save her – about 20 people wrote in to tell me I could actually save her and I should, so I committed to doing that. That, however, meant losing about two hours of progression through the Moonrise Towers, which I was fine with. I could just load up an old save.

Here’s the thing: cross save only synced the five most recent save files to my Xbox. And I’m a save scummer, so I could choose any file from within, uh, 20 minutes of gameplay. I couldn’t access the save I needed to. It’s fine, I thought. I’ll just go back to the point I want to start from, create a new save file, and load it from there. That should solve the problem! So the next morning, I booted up my PC, went into the game, created a new save file called “SAVE JAHEIRA THIS TIME”, and waited for the save files to sync. Once I was sure they had, I went into the Xbox version of the game and checked the games I could load. No dice: it was the same five save files.

Of course, I tried turning cross save on and off a few times, as a quick Google instructed me to do. It didn’t work. Maybe it intentionally syncs the most recent five saves, I thought, and so I went back onto my PC, deleted two hours of save files up to the point I’d created the new save file from and checked again.

Yes, I’m aware I probably shouldn’t have trashed save files I could have returned to. Like I said, I screwed myself.

Surprise, surprise, it didn’t work. At this point, I was flailing for a solution, so I thought: okay, maybe if I delete the save files on my Xbox, it’ll force sync the new files over. Why I thought this is unclear, because that is not what happened, and there was no indication that this was an intelligent, valid solution. I just deleted all those files for nothing. Nothing synced, and now I can’t play that campaign on Xbox at all.

I could go back and just play on my PC, sure, but I don’t want to. I want to play in bed, because I’m lazy, but now that campaign is lost to me. I’m not sure if the lack of syncing is part of the bugs plaguing the Xbox port of the game or if I have somehow permanently mucked up my save files, and I’ll never be able to play this campaign on my Xbox. I am a fool, and this is my punishment.


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