How To Get Moss In Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

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  • Where Is Blue Cloud Moss?

As you dive into Avatar: Frontiers Of Pandora, a vast world awaits exploration. Delving deeper, you may want to discover additional elements for crafting and cooking, allowing you to adapt and gain an advantage in this world and against the RDA.




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During your exploration, you’ll frequently encounter various crafting elements, including Moss, a vital material with different types, especially suitable for crafting. Due to its multiple types, you’ll need to search in various locations to find it. This guide will help you locate Moss with its various types.

Each type of Moss has a distinct color, but due to its small size, it’s not easily noticeable. That’s why it’s essential to use Na’vi senses once you reach a desired location.

Where Is Creeping Moss?

If you’re looking for the location of Creeping Moss, you can find it on the fossil trees, also known as Petrified trees. These trees are particularly abundant in the Shattered Forest biome of the Upper Plains.

Creeping Moss in Avatar Frontiers of Pandora.jpg

To obtain rarer qualities, such as superior and exquisite Creeping Moss, search the tops of Petrified trees. Keep in mind that the best quality conditions for this Moss are found in spots sheltered from the wind.

Where Is Bruise?

Bruise Moss Location in Avatar Frontiers of Pandora.

Locating Bruise Moss is simple. It’s commonly found on the rocks around the waters of Dyer’s Bowl in the Spinner’s Circle domain of the Kinglor Forest, known for being a hotspot for rarer qualities. While the Fine quality can be discovered in a broader area within the Kinglor Forest.

Bruise Moss in Avatar Frontiers of Pandora.

Remember, Bruise Moss is a plant that thrives in humid environments, and it’s easily found around rivers. Additionally, if you’re aiming for the best qualities, your optimal time is during rainy weather.

Where Is Blue Cloud Moss?

This particular type of Moss is commonly found in the Boulderlands biome of the Clouded Forest. When you’re in the Boulderlands biome, you can easily locate it by checking the large rocks.

Rarer qualities, Blue Cloud Moss Location in Avatar Frontiers Of Pandora

The rarer qualities of this Moss are usually found closer to Singer’s Falls in the west of the Clouded Forest. Additionally, bear in mind that the highest quality is most commonly discovered during rainy weather.

Where Is Sky Rock Moss?

Sky Rock Moss in Avatar Frontiers of Pandora.jpg

While exploring the Kinglor Forest, head to the Floating Mountains to discover the Fine quality Sky Rock Moss. Once you reach your desired destination, you can find this type of Moss on the bark of the trees.

Sky Rock Moss Location in Avatar Frontiers Of Pandora

If you’re seeking rarer qualities, you’ll find them more frequently in the Floating Mountains above the Shadow Wood, a location in the southwest of the Kinglor Forest. The best quality conditions are typically present during rainy weather.


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