How To Unlock The Hidden Ending Cutscenes In The Indigo Disk

Though it’s maybe not what you might always expect from a Pokemon game, the series is no stranger to heavy-hitting narratives. Stories of parental abuse (this one comes up a lot, actually), wanting to change the world to accommodate the downtrodden, and debating the very nature of what makes us human. Heavy stuff!




Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: The Indigo Disk – How To Get Every Old Legendary Pokemon

No legendary left behind.

That is shown in many ways across the games, from bits of flavour text to hidden scenes, and Scarlet and Violet introduce a new twist to its rendition of time travel in the Indigo Disk. However, this extended ending requires awareness of some briefly mentioned allusions, and we’re here to guide you towards it.

What To Do Before You Can Unlock The Hidden Ending Cutscene

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Split Image Showing Miraidon, Kieran screaming, and Ogerpon

First and foremost, this is an extended ending to not just the Indigo Disk DLC but the game as a whole. As such, it has a pretty lengthy list of requirements before you can actually witness it for yourself. These are as follows:

The Indigo Disk DLC can be started before playing the Teal Mask. However, you will first need to complete the Teal Mask before you can challenge the BB League and advance the story.

As you can see, there’s nothing exceptionally difficult to view the hidden ending, and thankfully, none of it is missable content either.

To actually unlock the hidden ending involves having Terapagos and returning to Kitakami, hence needing to finish the full story of every DLC to unlock it.

How To Trigger The Hidden Ending Cutscene

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Teal Mask Crystal Pools being overlooked by player on Miraidon's back

Great, now you know what you need to be able to trigger the ending, but how exactly do you do that? It’s pretty simple and is hinted at back during the story of the Teal Mask and near the end of the Indigo Disk.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Journal Entry from the Area Zero Underdepths that describes the professor meeting a child in a high place that smells of sulfur

First off, Terapagos needs to be in your party. The position doesn’t matter, or if they’re even the original Terapagos from your game. Any Terapagos, traded or otherwise, is valid.

Secondly, you need to return to the Crystal Pools area of Kitakami, located at the very top of Oni Mountain. This is where you fought Milotic in the Teal Mask DLC.

Once you’re in the general vicinity of the Crystal Pools, Terapagos will jump out of their Pokeball and start summoning a mysterious mist. Congratulations, the hidden ending has just begun.

What Happens In The Hidden Ending?

Pokemon Violet Speaking to Turo at Crystal Pools

A core premise of the base game of Scarlet and Violet is Paradox Pokemon, Pokemon from the past and future of current times. They take on wild forms and were brought into this time by the professor of your game. The hidden ending adds more to this already complex paradox.

After Terapagos summons the mysterious mist, your professor will appear, even though both they and their AI counterpart have already died and been defeated. So, how exactly is the professor here?

It is another time paradox, this time with the professor dragged to the past before they had summoned any paradox Pokemon to the present time. In fact, this paradox ends up being the catalyst for the events of the game.

You are free to ask the professor all the available questions to get some extra background on the world and its story, with the professor then following up with some questions of their own.

After a time, they will then see Briar’s book written all about Area Zero, and paradoxically based on the findings of your professor, leading them to make further ground on this research. They then give you the Scarlet/Violet book in exchange.

Returning to Arven after seeing this ending has him question how you acquired another copy of the Scarlet/Violet book.

After this, the professor will disappear back to their own time, the mist will fade, and you will be returned to the main menu.

Pokemon Violet Updated Main Menu showing a sunset and the violet book on a desk in a classroom

But this time, as you can see, the main menu is altered. The sun sets, and the Scarlet/Violet book is returned to your desk. With that, the story of the Professor is complete, and you have seen the entirety of the story of Scarlet and Violet.


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