Jeffrey Epstein: associates list to being Clinton, Prince Andrew into spotlight

In a revelation set to send shockwaves through the corridors of power, court papers unsealed on Wednesday are poised to expose the identities of more than 170 associates of the notorious Jeffrey Epstein.

According to official sources, two of the high-profile figures expected to be named are former President Bill Clinton and scandal-ridden Prince Andrew.

“The unsealing should begin today,” Manhattan federal District Court Executive Edward Friedland confirmed to The New York Post on Wednesday.

The highly anticipated unveiling is part of a since-settled 2015 defamation case that accuser Virginia Giuffre — also known as Virginia Roberts — brought against Epstein madam and convicted sex-trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell.

Manhattan federal Judge Loretta Preska had previously indicated in December that approximately 177 names would emerge in Giuffre’s case in the new year.

Clinton is expected to come up over 50 times in the court documents, though he isn’t accused of any wrongdoing.

Notably, Clinton was photographed with the deceased pedophile and took flights on Epstein’s private plane.

As the identities of Epstein’s associates unravel, two women cited in the list have sought to remain anonymous, citing potential threats to their safety.

One woman, arguing that revealing her identity could jeopardise her safety in her home country, has until January 22 to present her case.

Meanwhile, a motion by another woman identified as Jane Doe 110 is currently under review by the judge.

Jeffrey Epstein, the disgraced financier and hedge fund manager who was awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges, died by suicide in a Manhattan jail cell in 2019 at the age of 66.

His vast fortune, totalling A$942 million, has since been disbursed to victims through a compensation fund established in the aftermath of his death.

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