Halle Berry fans spot gross detail in actress’ lingerie photo

A sexy snap Halle Berry shared on Instagram weeks ago that went unnoticed is now doing the rounds again on social media after fans spotted a gross detail in the photo.

The actress shared a pic of herself wearing racy black lingerie during a desert getaway recently, but her sultry pose was not enough to divert fans’ eyes from what appeared to be several piles of faeces in the foreground.

“Couldn’t hide these rocks,” the 57-year-old captioned the pic, in which she sat among giant rock formations in an unknown location.

Berry added a wink emoji to her caption, letting fans know she was very aware of the “rocks” sitting by her feet.

Still, her humour was lost on many who could not understand why she would choose that location to strike a pose.

“Am I the only one who sees the poop?!” one follower asked, while another commented: “Those don’t looks like to rocks …”

A third added: “Literally nobody sees the 3 giant mounds of human s**t?? Seriously, why post that photo with the s**t in it?”

While others suggested the objects could just be dried seaweed or coral, the majority were convinced it was poop.

“Dope pic, crop the poo that’s right in front of you out of this pic tho!” one suggested.

As the commentary continued, The Catwoman star couldn’t help but respond to the hilarious outcry by letting her followers know she knew there was poop in her photo but she still chose to share it.

“Why not. It is what it is,” she wrote, while also adding she doesn’t think it’s human droppings.

“Ima say it was a wild animal. A human is not out there s****ing !!!! Just saying,” she commented.

Berry is no stranger to the sexy selfie. Just days ago, to mark the New Year, she shared a pic of herself wearing nothing but a blazer, black lingerie and high heels in an elevator.

“Heelllllloooooo 2024!” she captioned the stunning shot.

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