How To Explore The Tunnels In Moonwood Mill In The Sims 4

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Werewolves are what it’s all about in The Sims 4: Werewolves, along with the new world to explore, Moonwood Mill. This abandoned lumber factory is the perfect setting for your Sims to go wild and bring out their inner beast.




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One of the most interesting spots in Moonwood Mills is the Moonwood Mill Tunnels, which are ripe for exploring. Inside you’ll find a variety of options that take your Sim on a special adventure. There is plenty to find, and tons of lore to discover.

How To Find Moonwood Mills Tunnels

There are three different spots where you can enter the underground tunnels. There are the port-a-potties next to Prowler’s Patch, the sewer gate in the drain ditch by the Grimtooth Bar & Bunker, and the mineshaft entrance by the Volkov residence.

All three entrances to the underground tunnels offer the same exploration options, so if you’re going for a specific outcome, don’t worry about which one you choose.

To enter the underground tunnels, click on any of the entrances and choose Explore Underground Tunnels. Your Sim will then disappear into the tunnels.

You can also purchase a Moonwood Mill Tunnel Entrance from Buy Mode. Go to Activities and Skills, then Miscellaneous, and the Moonwood Mill Tunnel Entrance is available for 3,500 Simoleons.

You can place this on any lot, including in different worlds. It will give you the same choices and outcomes as the public entrances.

Moonwood Mills Tunnels Choices And Outcomes

A Sims 4 pop-up showing events in the underground tunnels

Once inside the tunnels, your Sim will receive pop-ups detailing events happening in the tunnels. Some of these events will give you a choice about what to do. Here are all the events that happen, the choices you can make in the tunnels, and what their outcome will be.

Path to take


  1. A Presence (Event)
  2. Diverging Paths (Event)
  3. Choose Head Towards the Garlic
  4. A Garlic Room (Event)
  5. Choose Go Inside

Access to Garlic Room

  1. A Presence (Event)
  2. Diverging Paths (Event)
  3. Choose Follow the Melody
  4. Secret Tunnel (Event)
  5. Enchanted Room (Event)

Access to Enchanted Room

Explore tunnels multiple times or be a werewolf Sim

Access to Werewolf Secret Bunker

  1. A Presence (Event)
  2. Diverging Paths (Event)
  3. Choose Navigate the Debris
  4. Water Leak (Event)
  5. Choose Continue
  6. The Old Mill (Event)
  7. Choose Attempt to Lift the Wheel
  8. The Old Mill’s Lost Treasure (Event)

Access to Old Mill (werewolves only)

  1. A Presence Event
  2. Choose Continue
  3. Growling Event
  4. Choose Investigate The Growling
  5. Furious Growling Event
  6. Choose Continue

Contract Werebies (non-occult only)

  1. Dark Scent (Event)
  2. Choose Follow the Scent

Travel to Forgotten Hollow (requires Vampires pack)

You will not be able to get all the outcomes in a single trip to the underground tunnels. Some also require certain criteria to be met to get them.

Because the underground tunnels are rabbit holes, you will not actually watch your Sim explore the tunnels. You will get pop-up events instead.

Access To Garlic Room

The Garlic Room is, as it sounds, a room filled with Garlic. Your Sim will explore the room and be rewarded with some items when they leave the tunnel. This can be a variety of common plants, but it can also include a Moonwood Mill relic.

Access To Enchanted Room

The Enchanted Room is another room your Sim can find and explore in the Moonwood Mills Tunnels. This room works similarly to the Garlic Room, in which you will receive a pop-up and exit the tunnels with a handful of items in your Sims’ inventory.

This can also include a Moonwood Mill relic as a reward.

Access To Werewolf Secret Bunker

An elder Sim sits in the Secret Werewolf Bunker

This is the only outcome your Sim will need to enter the tunnels multiple times to get. However, you can be either a werewolf or a non-occult Sim for this outcome.

This bunker is essentially a lot of its own, with a recreation room, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. It’s the only room you can follow your Sim to.

It’s normally only accessible to werewolf Sims at the bar, but by exploring the underground tunnels, non-werewolf Sims can enter it, too.

The Secret Werewolf Bunker can also be customized in Build and Buy Mode. This bunker is the only part of the underground tunnels that can be seen and customized in-game.

Access To Old Mill

This is the only outcome that requires your Sim to be a werewolf to receive. Your werewolf Sim also has to have a high Fitness skill level to lift the water wheel and the Nightvision perk to see the Old Mill.

If your Sim doesn’t have these, they will be sent back to the Diverging Paths event.

If your Sim meets these criteria, they will leave the Old Mill with a guaranteed Moonwood Mill relic.

Contract Werebies

This outcome is only available to non-occult Sims. Contracting Werebies will cause them to become a werewolf Sim.

If your Sim is already a werewolf or other occult, the events and choices will not occur.

Travel To Forgotten Hollow

This outcome requires you to have the Vampires game pack installed. Your Sim will be whisked off to the Vampire world, Forgotten Hollow. They will be free to explore the world from there.

The Moonwood Mills Tunnels are a great way to explore all the game pack has to offer. They are also one of the most reliable methods of collecting the 12 Moonwood Mills relics.


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