Bruce Willis tightly embraces daughter in loving photo while battling dementia

Bruce Willis kept his family close to him during a tumultuous year.

His family continued to stand by the Die Hard actor’s side as he battles dementia and shared special moments with him on social media.

His daughter, Scout, rang in the New Year by reflecting on 2023. She posted a series of momentous photos — including one where she tightly holds onto her father.

Scout, 32, is seen smiling and hugging her father, while Bruce places his hands on her head. He is seen wearing a towel, as he displays his body tattoos. A beam of sunlight shined on the sweet father-daughter duo, reports Fox News.

“Big Year for Scouter Welcome to the Joy,” Scout captioned her Instagram post. Included in Scout’s carousel of photos were highlights of her and mum Demi Moore on the red carpet and pictures of her holding hands with older sister Rumer Willis.

While Bruce battles frontotemporal dementia, he continues to be surrounded by his loved ones who show their unconditional love and support, especially around the holidays.

Scout previously shared several sweet videos and photos of her father on social media over thanksgiving. Scout put out her hand while waiting for Bruce to grab on, as she captioned the video, “My guy.”

The second photo on Scout’s Instagram story showed Bruce, 68, placing his hands on her face as she cozied up next to her father.

The iconic Hollywood actor’s family initially shared a health update in February, explaining that his aphasia diagnosis had “progressed” to frontotemporal dementia.

Although Bruce’s wife Emma recently shared a major milestone with the beloved actor, she said the holidays and anniversaries can be especially challenging.

Last week, the couple celebrated more than a decade of love in their relationship, as Emma shared sweet photos of the two tightly embracing and kissing one another.

“16 years with this special man. My love and adoration for him only grows,” she posted on Instagram.

Heming and Bruce were originally married in 2009 but celebrated a vow renewal in 2019 with all his children and even his ex-wife Moore.

Heming also shared on her Instagram Stories that she just had a “good cry” with a friend and spoke about how it’s so important to have someone to trust with your feelings, “instead of just bottling them up and putting your best foot forward and just kind of soldiering through stuff, which I have a tendency to do.”

She continued, “You know, holidays are hard, anniversaries are hard. But for me, this year, it has really been about community, building a community and connection. And I just want to say that has been my lifeline and I just want to thank you for that.”

This article originally appeared on Fox News and was reproduced with permission.

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