Luigi’s Mansion 2 Devs Didn’t Actually Know What System They Were Developing For

Nintendo can be pretty secretive when it comes to its future plans, a lot more than most other companies in the industry. It supposedly has a brand-new system launching at some point in 2024, but we barely know anything about it besides it’s reportedly been shown off behind close doors to a number of developers. In fact, Nintendo is so secretive that it sometimes doesn’t even let its own developers know about consoles currently in production.



That’s according to Luigi’s Mansion 2 artists Gary Shaw and Marc Brassard, who explained in a recent video by DidYouKnowGaming that Nintendo was so secretive that the developers of the game didn’t actually know what system they were going to be making Luigi’s Mansion 2 for, initially assuming that the title was being made for the original Nintendo DS.

According to the video, several developers were suddenly flown out to Japan one day, after which Satruo Iwata “literally pulled a sheet off a table” to unveil the Nintendo 3DS to them. The team behind Luigi’s Mansion 2 grew larger after that, but Nintendo insisted that devs working on the game had to be locked in a secret room with now windows, and were made to “sign piles of confidentiality agreements” and promise not to tell their co-workers.

There was extra high security for that project, and because we were all so close together, and it was so secret, it was kinda fun. – Gary Shaw

While that sounds a little bit extreme, you can slightly understand why Nintendo wanted to maintain secrecy. Luigi’s Mansion 2 developer Next Level Games actually wasn’t owned by Nintendo during the development of the game, meaning there was a much higher risk of someone coming down with a case of loose lips. Next Level Games’ workers weren’t technically employed by Nintendo until 2021, after which the studio was purchased following the release of Luigi’s Mansion 3.

While this is all pretty interesting info and a rare insight into how game development works at Nintendo, it does make you wonder how locked down certain games are these days if there was a ridiculous amount of secrecy surrounding a handheld Mario spinoff game of all things. You wouldn’t be surprised to find out there’s a small team of people at Nintendo working on the next 3D Mario in a broom closet in the company HQ’s basement.

This info also makes the lack of information we have on the next Nintendo console make a lot more sense. That hasn’t stopped industry analysts at taking a crack at what the system is going to be though, with one recent analyst suggesting that it will be an “iteration rather than a revolution”, and will more than likely set us back around $400.


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