US judge Mary Kay Holthus attacked during court sentencing

Terrifying footage has captured the moment a US judge was attacked by a man who jumped across her bench during a courtroom sentencing.

Footage shared on social media shows Las Vegas judge Mary Kay Holthus sat at the front of Clark County District Court in Washington on Wednesday as three-time felon Deobra Redden is being sentenced on a charge of attempted battery with substantial bodily harm.

According to 8 News Now, Mr Redden’s attorney had asked Holthus to sentence his client to probation.

“I appreciate that but I think it’s time he get a taste of something else,” judge Holthus is heard saying the video.

Moments later, a voice from across the room is heard yelling “Nah f*** that b****” before Mr Redden runs towards the judge, leaping over her bench.

Footage shows multiple courtroom staff running towards the judge as she is pulled to the ground by Mr Redden.

Staff members are then seen fighting with Mr Redden, before he is eventually thrown to the ground.

“Get off her,” a voice yells before an alarm rings out in the courtroom.

Judge Holthus hit her head during the attack but was OK, sources told 8 News Now, who reported a marshal was injured in the fracas.

“Thank God the judge is okay,” Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson said in a statement, according to the publication.

“Thank God for the heroic efforts of those who came to her aid, especially her marshal and her law clerk. Without them, the situation would have been much worse as this defendant exhibited extremely violent behaviour and I’m confident there will be consequences.”

In April Mr Redden “[threatened] to bust the kneecaps” of another man, according to documents, the publication reported.

The 30-year-old later pleaded guilty in November before Judge Holthus issued a bench warrant for his arrest in December after he missed a court appearance.

It is not clear when he will next appear in court.

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