War’s Domain Event Rewards In MW3

Unlock an exclusive weapon camo by participating in the Vortex: War’s Domain event for MW3.

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has kicked off 2024 with a new event. The Vortex: War’s Domain event adds some apocalyptic cosmetics that players can earn through Multiplayer, MWZ, and Warzone matches. It’s a stress-free event that will passively grant bonus rewards as you play MW3, making this a great time to jump into Multiplayer or Zombies.




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If you manage to earn enough XP during this two-week event, you’ll earn an exclusive animated camo for all MW2 and MW3 weapons. It also awards multiple Double XP Tokens, weapon stickers, and similar cosmetics. This guide will explain what the Vortex event is, how to participate, and showcase all 16 cosmetic rewards you can earn.

What Is Vortex: War’s Domain?

Modern Warfare 3 Vortex Event Carnage Report

Vortex: War’s Domain is an event that awards unique cosmetics as you earn XP in Multiplayer, MWZ, and Warzone. This event features unique cosmetic rewards, one of which is a weapon camo that applies to all MW2 and MW3 weapons. This event runs from January 3 to January 17. All event rewards can be found under the Challenges -> Events tab of the main menu.

Earning Rewards

Modern Warfare 3 Vortex War's Domain Reward Page

If you played any of MW3’s preseason events, the Vortex event uses the same progression model. As you earn XP from any MW3 activity, a linear reward track will begin to tally all of your earned XP and, at certain milestones, will award new cosmetics and XP Tokens.

Modern Warfare 3 Swagger War Horse Skin

If you use the War Horse skin for the Swagger operator, you will earn a bonus 1,000 XP at the end of every match. This bonus works in Multiplayer, MWZ, and Warzone.

The War Horse skin is available through the Horseman: War Ultra Skin bundle in the MW3 cash shop. The bundle costs 2,400 CoD Points.

There are 16 rewards you can earn in Vortex: War’s Domain, most of which are cosmetic goods like weapon stickers and emblems. The final reward is the Magma Camo, an animated skin that covers your weapon with orange magma fissures.


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All Vortex: War’s Domain Event Rewards

Modern Warfare 3 Magma Camo


XP Required

The Goat – Sticker

7,500 XP

Double XP Token – 1 Hour

16,500 XP

Through The Smoke – Large Decal

27,000 XP

Double Weapon XP Token – 1 Hour

39,000 XP

Ghost Flame – Charm

53,500 XP

Skull Fire – Large Decal

71,000 XP

Volcanic – Emblem

91,000 XP

A Little Rusty – Calling Card

115,000 XP

Double Battle Pass XP Token – 1 Hour

145,000 XP

Winged Fire – Weapon Sticker

176,500 XP

Double Weapon XP Token – 1 Hour

215,500 XP

Forged In Flames – Calling Card

262,000 XP

Putrid Skulls – Weapon Sticker

317,000 XP

Double Weapon XP Token – 1 Hour

381,500 XP

Magma – Weapon Camo

458,500 XP


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