Dragon Ball XenoVerse 2 Is Adding Beast Gohan And Super Hero Story Scenario

Bandai Namco has finally confirmed what we’ve all been thinking – Dragon Ball XenoVerse 2’s second Hero of Justice Pack will include Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero’s Beast Gohan as a playable character.

Over the past few months, Bandai Namco has been teasing the second round of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero content for the Dragon Ball that refuses to die, XenoVerse 2. The first Hero of Justice pack contained Gamma 1, Gamma 2, and Base Form. Gohan in his outfit from the movie, while the second pack was previously confirmed to include Awakened Piccolo and Orange Piccolo, alongside a third mystery character.

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After months of waiting for an official announcement, Bandai Namco has released a trailer for the launch of the pack, confirming what we basically already knew – Beast Gohan is being added to the game as the final character of the second pack, which will be released on May 17. In the trailer, we can see some shots of him gameplay and it looks like it won’t be a transformation, but a base character like Ultra Instinct Goku and Orange Piccolo.

Aside from the fact that Beast Gohan is by far the biggest character coming out of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero and it wouldn’t make sense to miss out on a pack based on the movie, Bandai Namco let it be known that the character was coming by adding a Beast Mode transformation for characters created as part of a free update earlier this year.

In fact, Beast Gohan appears to have some of the same combos and moves as the created characters when in Beast Mode, including back kicks while facing forward and a stance where he raises his fists in the air. It’s likely that Bandai just ripped off some of Beast Gohan’s moves to transform the created character, but at least here we get some other unique moves in the mix, like Kamehameha and some sort of blocking ability that Gohan uses against Cell Max.

While Beast Gohan is undoubtedly the highlight of the pack, it wasn’t the only thing announced in the launch trailer. We also got confirmation that the pack will have its own story scenario based on Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, which can be seen in a few glimpses towards the end of the trailer. This isn’t surprising considering other packs have had story missions as well, but it will be interesting to see how XenoVerse adds its own unique twist to the story.

The end of the trailer also confirms that the pack will include seven new skill moves, four side-by-side missions, a variety of different loading screen illustrations based on the movie, and three new costumes, including one based on Beast Gohan, one that based on dr. To the hero. , and the last based on the Red Rocket uniform that Piccolo briefly wears.

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