All Snaccoons And What To Feed Them In Sun Haven

Sun Haven is a cute farming Sim game with a lot to offer, and one of its unique features is Snackcoons. These large, lovable beasts most often serve as fluffy roadblocks that prevent you from accessing some of the most useful shortcuts in and around Sun Haven. Some even prevent you from accessing new regions of the game.

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Fortunately, these snacks aren’t a permanent problem – they’re hungry and will move if you bring them the snacks they want. We’ve got you covered with our complete list of where to find each Snaccoon and what each Snaccoon wants in Sun Haven.


This guide goes through all four seasons in Sun Haven and also mentions its additional regions, so there may be minor spoilers for the Sun Haven story ahead.

What is a snack?

sun shelter guards react to how much wiergate snackcoon ate before moving in our sun shelter unlock guide

In Sun Haven, snacks are large colorful animals that they fall asleep at critical points around the map. Unfortunately for you, they happen to be napping where block the way to something.

The game tells you when interact with Snackcoons that the only way is to move the Snaccoon offer a certain set of snacks.

They can be seasonal produce you will need to grow, occasionally fish you will have to catch, explain meals you can prepare or buy and a lot fodder crop from around Sun Haven.

You can give Snackoons items one at a time or all at once, depending on what works best for your organization and play style.

After you feed the Snaccoon, a menu will appear what does Snackcoon want on to the leftwith the current inventory on the right side of the screen.

menu showing how to store snacks in our complete sun shelter snack guide

You have the option to move all the objects Snaccoon wants at the same time by clicking on “everything” between the two menus or also move them individually and drop them in the right place on the left side of the menu screen.

After that Snaccoon will wake up and get out of the waynapping somewhere else that is less in your way and allows you to finally pass.

How to Move Seasonal Sun Haven Snacks

a farmer standing by a summer snack on a sea fishing dock upset that he is blocking a fishing spot for our sunny haven perfect snack how to move snacks

Below you will find locations and preferences for all seasonal snacks at Sun Haven. These snacks will appear on the first day of each seasonand it will they stay in place until you move them for the season.

Seasonal snacks are reborn every year you play in Sun Haven. They are gone until the end of the season when you move them, they will return next year in the same place with the same desire.

That doesn’t make it a bad idea, yes save enough crop to remove the same snacks again next year. Save yourself some hassle by not having to unlock the same one every year!

Much of what they will ask for is seasonal produce which you grow on your farm, so with the help of our guide and a sharp memory, you can prepare in advance for next year the author growing an abundance of seasonal crops that you will need now.

All Sun Haven Snack Locations – Seasonal Snacks



What to feed


Spring snacks

On your farm, at the north exit up towards the bakery and pet store

A shortcut north of your farm

10 An apple

Farmer Snackcoon Plush

10 Wheat

A shortcut to the north of your farm

East of town, above the tavern and Anne’s house

Bunnyman Village

5 cabbages

Plush bunny snack

5 salads

Access to Bunnyman Village

In the eastern forest, climb the stairs by the apple trees at the entrance

Wishing well

10 An apple

You can reach the wishing well by following the path of the ski jumps to the north

10 mashed bananas

15 green pepper flakes

In the western forest before you set off to Nel’Vara

Plantation with hardwood trees and selected fruit trees

10 An apple

Explorer Snackcoon Plush

15 Chocolate

5 berries

Access to the grove in the north

5 Mushrooms

Summer snacks

Beach south of your farm

A shortcut between your farm and the entire beach in the southern part of Sun Haven

10 Mangoes

A plush beach snack

10 Pineapples

(Restored) Access to the shortcut between your farm and the beach

Pier on the beach

A fishing town on the beach at the southernmost part of the pier

1 very good fishing rod

Fisherman Snackcoon Plush

1 hot squid

(Restored) Access to the fishing spot on the beach pier

1 Searback

The top of the mine cart leading into the Sun Haven Mines

The entire Sun Haven Mines

4 iron bar

Miner Snackcoon Plush

(Restored) Access to Sun Haven Mines

Autumn snacks

In addition to the Harris material cart

Path to Solon’s and the entire Sun Haven mine

5 Guava Berry

Cowboy plush snack

5 Carbonated fruit

(Restored) Access to Solon and Sun Haven Mines

Outside Claude’s house on the west side


10 Soda Pop Crop

Ghost Snackcoon Plush

2 Fabric

Up the stairs leading to Wornhardt’s house

Wornhardt’s house and a grove nearby

20 garlic

Vampire plush snack

(Restored) Access to Wornhardt’s House and Grove

Winter snacks

South of Giuseppe’s house on the east side of your farm

Fastest way to Sun Haven – East exit to your farm

50 Brr-Nana

Scarf Snackcoon Plush

(Restored) Access to the eastern exit of your farm

North of Calvin’s guard station on the east side of Sun Haven

N/A *

5 Fabric

Camper Snackcoon Plush

5 Hardwood beam

5 Fire Crystal

(Restored) Access to

5 Hexagon Berries

South of the hospital, by the apple tree

10 Throw the blanket

Snaccoon Plush Pajamas

5 knitted socks

* Not all seasonal snacks are there to block the path – some are just there out of the way to give you decorations too.

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How to move snacks outside of Sun Haven

nathaniel talks to player about withergate snacks and introduces the sun shelter snacks concept for our sun shelter snacks how to move guide

In addition to the seasonal snacks at Sun Haven, you’ll also find two snacks outside Sun Haven.

There is one Snaccoon in Nel’Vara and you will also need to move the one blocking your way to Withergate.

All Snaccoon locations in Sun Haven – Nel’Vari and Withergate



What to feed


Nel’Vari snack

East of the Nel’Vari merchants, by the entrance to Nel’Vari

Purple and gold treasure chest and strawberry tree

1 energy smoothie

Nel’Vari Snackcoon Plush

1 Cheesecake

Access to the treasure chest and strawberry tree

Withergate Snack *

North of Sun Haven, across the railroad tracks from the barracks

The Way to Withergate

10 Wheat

Withergate Snackcoon Plush

10 Potatoes

Access to Withergate

You can’t access Withergate without moving the Snaccoon blocking the way, so do it sooner rather than later to unlock the terrifying new region.

How to get snacks on your farm

first letter from friends of the forest perks needed to unlock pet snacks on your farm for our sunning snacks guide

The final type of Snaccoon will require some patience as it involves unlocking the skill tree v Advancing agricultural skills.

The advantage you will need is called “Friend of the Forest,” and can be unlocked in sixth level award in Farming Skill Tree.

You have to unlock all three levels benefits before a Snaccoon will move to your farm.

After that you can then buy snacks which act as domestic animals. They will cost you 10,000 gold and can be found in Kitty’s Sun Haven Pet Shop after the first one came on its own after the perk is maxed out.

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