HoYoverse releases an anime short for Honkai Star Rail

HoYoversdeveloper for successful RPG the game Honkai Star Rail has released a new four-minute anime short for the game. The short film is said to be produced by HoYoverse, co-produced by Fantasier Animation and Studio ppuri, while signed by HOYO-MiX.

Honkai Star Rail has been a fan favorite since its launch

It’s no surprise to see the numbers Honkai Star Rail is putting up as the game has been a huge hit since launch. With HoYoverse being the developer, fans of other communities of similar games like Genshin Impact were also quick to appreciate the game’s artwork and level design. The developers have now released a new short film for fans to enjoy on their social media platforms. Following is the synopsis of the short film –

Image via HoYoverse

In the star calendar year 7380, Jingliu, a love-struck Luofu swordsman, made her way out of Starskiff Haven and fought her way through the Cloud Knights tasked with subduing her before disappearing into the of history. In the star calendar year 8096, a young soldier named Yanqing rose to fame in a tournament hosted by the Seat of Divine Foresight and was awarded the rank of Cloud Knight Lieutenant.

We won’t be discussing the short film much and would leave it to the fans to watch and decide for themselves if they like it or not. The Honkai Star Rail game is still going strong and breaking new milestones every day. With the numbers growing rapidly, it will be really interesting to see what new records the game can break and achieve in the near future.

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What do you think about Hoyoverse releasing it A short anime for Honkai Star Rail? Let us know in the comments below!

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