Things We Wish We Knew Before Starting Peridot

Niantic’s Peridot invites players to add a little color and whimsy to their lives by introducing them to cute little creatures called dots. You’ll need to take care of your new pets like any other – feed them, play with them, and fulfill their whims like walks, meeting people or other pets, and more.

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Much of Peridot’s appeal is based on breeding dots to gain new traits and looks for your precious pets. There’s a lot to learn and deal with in the game, so we’ve rounded up our best tips to help you get started.

Which egg should you choose?

There are three different eggs to choose from in Peridot.

When you start the game, you will be able to choose between three random eggs. Unlike the later eggs you hatch, these won’t show you any dot traits inside and you can only choose based on the appearance of the egg.


While you won’t know what style of face, horns, or other details your dot will have, the style of the egg indicates what the pattern and material will be. essentially, the way the egg looks, the skin pattern of your pika will look like. Choose the one you like the most.

Focus on growing your point

A dewdrop in Peridot.

Your main goal is to make your dot grow, as you want it to be an adult so you can breed it with other dots. Your dot earns Growth every time you fulfill a Desire and by filling its smooth and game meters.

Make sure check your Peridot throughout the day to keep the counters topped up by feeding him, playing fetch, or petting him to get as much growth as possible.

You want too fulfill as many wishes as possible for your dick. New wishes are added periodically throughout the day, so check several times.

You can also feed your dot some dewdrops to instantly fill the cravings you often find while foraging.

You can cheat with wishes

Dot with wishes to see a flower and a tree in Peridot.

Often times, your dot will want to see certain things as a wish. This could be a pet, a person, a flower or a tree to name a few. If you don’t like having to track one of these down, pull up Google Images and easily find what you need and point the phone at her. It works more often than not.

Befriend players before submitting a Hatch-a-Dot request

Sending a friend request to another player in Peridot.

When your dot is finally old enough to breed, you’ll need to find another dot to send a Hatch-a-Dot request to. You can see other dots on nearby habitats or through the Visitor Dots option, however be warned that if the player is not on your friends list, your request will go to Message Requests. This means that a player is less likely to see your request, and some players turn off message requests altogether.

Since you can only request the same player once every five days, increase the likelihood that they will see your Hatch-a-Dot request for add them to your friends list first. This means the request will bypass the Message Request menu and go straight to their inbox.

Don’t bother with dot breeding where most traits are locked

A dot with many locked properties in Peridot.

When you eventually find that you are ready to procreate, don’t just pick the first dot you come across. The nests and sunshades needed for breeding are few and far between and cost real money, so be careful how often you use them.

As dots multiply, eggs have an equal chance of inheriting a trait from either parent, provided the trait is unlocked for you. If you choose to breed your pika with another that has mostly locked traits, your pika will look very similar to the one you already have, so you won’t gain anything new genetically from the exchange.

Before choosing, check the characteristics of each egg

Selection of Eggs in Peridot.

When you complete Hatch-a-Dot, you will have three eggs to choose from, but you can only choose one. Clicking on an individual egg will show you which traits the dot will inherit, so be sure choose the one that has the most new features you expected.

Don’t forget about assignments

Quest log in Peridot.

As well as Desires, you will want make sure you do your daily and weekly tasks as they earn you XP and Sundrops. You’ll want XP to level up your rangeras each time you level up, you will unlock more features and functions, and you will need these sundrops to reproduce.

Introducing your dot will get you more friend requests and Hatch-a-Dot

Habitat with the dot shown in Peridot.

When your dot is grown, you can introduce it in the habitat. This will undoubtedly get you more Hatch-a-Dots and friend requests. While you don’t necessarily get anything of value (or anything at all) for accepting Hatch-a-Dot’s incoming requests, just remember how you feel when your own requests are ignored.

Making friendships is good because you have more people to easily bond with to breed and exchange gifts.

You can only see your friend’s currently equipped dot

A friend's profile in Peridot.

The downside of the friends list is this you can only see your friend’s currently equipped dot, and unsurprisingly, that means they’re mostly babies as they’re all trying to maximize their spots. This makes it more difficult to review the list of friends to send Hatch-a-Dot requests to.

If you know a friend has an adult dot you want to see, you can always message them on Campfire and ask them to switch so you can send the request.

Check out the store for freebies and offers

Free Nest Basket in the Peridot Store.

Peridot is full of microtransactions, and whether you plan to spend your hard-earned money or not, you still need to visit the store from time to time. At the time of writing, there is a free Nest available in the store, and I imagine Niantic will occasionally add other freebies to celebrate events.

If you want to splurge a little in store, the deals change all the time, so you can sometimes grab a bargain by waiting for the right bundle or item to show up.

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