The Best Not-Red Four-Color Commanders In MTG

Four-color commanders are a rarity in Magic: The Gathering, although they provide some of the greatest versatility in deck building. With access to four of the five colors of Magic, you’ll be able to build powerful decks that showcase some of the most powerful cards Magic has to offer.

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The combination of white, blue, green and black gives you access to all the best ramp, exile, hard removal effects for almost every card type and card draw in the game. Many of the best four-color commanders are partners, but a certain Phyrexian Angel dominates the color combination with powerful effects.



5 Kydele, Chosen of Kruphix // Weaver of Tymna

Image of Tymna and Kydele's Weaver, Chosen of Kruphix cards in Magic: The Gathering, with artwork by Winona Nelson and Bastien L. Deharme

The partnership of Kydela, Chosen of Kruphix, and Tymna the Weaver focuses on card drawing to speed you ahead of your opponents with tons of cards. Kydele is a green-blue commander that can tap to add one colorless mana for each card you drew this turn. Meanwhile, Tymna is a white-black creature that allows you to pay life and draw cards equal to the number of players you dealt combat damage to at the start of your post-combat main phase.

If you’ve damaged all three of your opponents, you can pay three life and draw three cards, then you can add four mana to your mana pool to help cast these spells with both of your commanders in play.

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There are a few ways to build these two partnered commanders, and a powerful approach is a Stax-style deck with cards like Grand Abolisher and Myrel, Shield of Argive to protect your moves while drawing tons of cards from your opponent’s actions like is e.g. Oghme Archivist or Esper Sentinel.

4 Ishai, Ojutai Dragonspeaker // Reyhan, Last of the Abzan

Image of Ishai, Ojutai Dragonspeaker, and Reyhan, Last of the Abzan cards in Magic: The Gathering, with artwork by Zack Stella and Chris Rallis

Two powerful Commanders that cater to +1/+1 counters, the duo of Ishai, Ojutai Dragonspeaker and Reyhan, Last of the Abzan bring some synergy to your Commander deck. Ishai will give your opponents some pause when they cast spells as they get a +1/+1 counter every time the opponent casts any spell.

Reyhan, on the other hand, redistributes your creatures’ +1/+1 counters when they die. These two commanders work together to drain as many valuable creatures as possible and then load them up with counters.

With all those counters tossing around, you’ll want to load up your deck with cards like Hardened Scales and Winding Constrictor to double the counters you put on your creatures. Once you have a sufficient army, you can throw your creatures directly at your opponents, so you can’t block them with Champion of Lambholt and Herald of Secret Streams.

3 Atraxa, The Great Combiner

Card image of Atraxa, the Grand Unifier in Magic: The Gathering, with artwork by Martha Nael

The latest iteration of the Phyrexian Angel, Atrax, the Grand Unifier, brings the glory of New Phyrexia to Magic. At seven mana, this Atraxa may seem like a huge mana commitment, but in reality, it’s a reliable commander that can completely fill your hand when it resolves.

When Atraxa, Grand Unifer enters the battlefield, you can look at the top ten cards of your library, grab a card of each card type, and add it to your hand. Since the introduction of Battles, there have been nine card types in Magic, giving you the ability to draw up to nine cards when Atraxa comes into play.

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If your opponents don’t have an immediate answer for Atraxa, you can start attacking with her, a 7/7 creature full of flying, vigilance, deathtouch, and lifelink. Even if the Atraxa puts a target on your back given its sheer power, you’ll have almost unstoppable force on the board and power in your hand.

2 Atraxa, voice of the praetors

Image of Atraxa, the Praetor voice card in Magic: The Gathering, with artwork by Victor Adame Minguez

The original Atraxa sneaks in because it’s only slightly stronger than its modern counterpart, Atraxa, Praetor’s Voice, which finds itself at the top of poison decks or planeswalker superfriend lists. This Atraxa, like its larger counterpart, is equipped with the Flight, Vigilance, Deathtouch, and Lifelink ability pack.

The key to this Atraxa’s power is its ability to spawn at the end of your turn. You can select any number of targets that have counters on them, then add another one to each. For planeswalkers, you can tick each loyalty counter and accelerate them to their ultimate abilities much faster than normal.

In a poison-style deck, all you have to do is get your opponent at least one poison counter and sit back and watch their counters slowly rise at the end of your turn. With a few other spread effects, you’ll be able to quickly destroy any opponent in just a few turns.

1 Thrasios, Triton Hero // Weaver of Tymna

MTG Tymna the Weaver and Thrasios, Triton Hero by Winona Nelson and Josu Hernaiz

When it comes to the sheer amount of power these two commanders bring to the table, few can match Thrasios, Triton Hero, and Tymna the Weaver. Commonly seen as the larger nexus of cEDH Commanders, these two cards provide some of the greatest value and card advantage of all Commanders with access to white, blue, black, and green mana.

A lot of Thrasios and Tymna decks revolve around getting some kind of infinite mana combo and then draining your entire deck off the back of Thrasios abilities. When Thrasios is in play, you can pay four mana to observe one and then reveal the top card of your library. If this card is a land, it goes into play. If it’s something else, draw it.

Being in every color except red gives you access to all the best tutors and the best ways to generate infinite mana. If you decide to take your deck in this direction, make sure you clear it with friends or other players, as a well-built deck can easily outrun most normal decks if your opponents aren’t prepared.

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