Everything You Need To Know About Synthetic Ascension In Stellaris

Stellaris offers players three optional ascension paths that allow the people of their empire to reach the next step in the evolution of their species. The path of synthetic ascension gradually replaces parts of the population’s body with cybernetic implants, giving them enhanced physical and cognitive functions. Eventually, the synthetic empires transfer their consciousnesses into completely artificial bodies, transcending the boundaries of flesh and blood forever.

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Successfully completing the synthetic path gives powerful leaders the chance to serve your empire forever. It also unlocks the Achievement/Trophy “Like Tears In Rain,” and adds to the player’s collection of achievements.


The best buildings for synthetic climb

research panel at Stellaris

Since the ultimate goal of synthetic ascension is immortality, one of the best ways to use it is to recruit exceptional leaders who will achieve a high level of knowledge. Once the process is complete, these leaders will be never dies of old age, though struggle and misfortune may still rob them of eternity. Traditions that increase the level cap of characters, such as Department of Science and Polytechnic education from the Discovery tree, so they are an excellent choice.

Achieving synthetic ascension will require large investments of engineering research, both to unlock the required technology and to perform the transformation. If you’re using a custom empire, consider using it Natural science engineers trait of your founding type to help you do this. The The origin of the mechanism is also a good choice because you will start with unlocked technologies of powered exoskeletons and robotic workers – the first steps towards your ultimate goal.

Avoid life-extending traits like Venerable as they will become redundant. But you could select Flimsy to gain additional trait points as the lifetime penalty will no longer matter once you level up.

If you intend to force robotic immortality into the galaxy, starting with or integrating the species Strong or Very strong can help with early conquests. When they receive their first cybernetic implants, they an already respectable military damage will increase further.

Empires with A materialistic ethos they are ideal for Synthetic Ascension as they can more easily research the necessary technology and their factions will generally favor the transition. Try to avoid large numbers of priests in your empire as they will resist Synthetic Ascension tooth and nail. By the same principle, don’t get too diplomatically close to any spiritualist empiresfor they will look hard upon the transformation of your people when it is complete.

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How to Create Cyber ​​Popes and Leaders

the Cybernetic Revolution event occurs during Stellaris

You can start down the path of synthetic ascension as early as your second ascension advancement – usually around the time you start encountering other empires in the galaxy, depending on your Unity effect. While you’re making your way towards that first threshold, don’t forget to unlock Powered exoskeletons, robotic workers, and Droids Technologies from the engineering tree, as these are Perk requirements The meat is weak. Taking Technological rise as your first Ascension Perk is generally good practice, but this is where it can really help advancing research and that rare technologies that you will need later appear more often.

Once you’ve unlocked at least one Ascension perk and have the Droids tech, you can choose The meat is weak after completing the next tradition tree. Not only that reduces the maintenance of robot buds it simultaneously increases their build speed, but also unlocks a special project in the Situation Diary. Activate the project and dedicate your engineering research to it, and when it’s done, it will give all your pops and leaders a cybernetic property. The amount of engineering required depends on the total number of biopops in your empire that need to be converted. All future pokes and leaders will have the cyber trait applied without requiring any player input.

Agreement on cyber species ten percent more damage in ground combat and gain twenty Habitability on all types of planets. Cyber ​​leaders have theirs The lifespan is extended by forty years.

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How to achieve synthetic ascension

Dyson Sphere in the making on the Stellaris loading screen

Stellaris, Dyson sphere loading screen

When you unlock The meat is weak and complete the cyber enhancement project, you will need to research two technologies: Synthetics and Synthetic personality matrix. If you are new to the game, don’t worry about synthetic technology being labeled as dangerous – your empire will be at a disadvantage if the endgame crisis turns out to be a contingency, but that’s the only real downside.

The technology of synthetics requires Galactic Administration and Positron artificial intelligence Technologies from the Society or Physics trees before they become available.

Once you have both required techniques, Synthetic evolution will be available for your next Ascension Perk. If you complete the Tradition Tree but do not yet meet the Synthetic Evolution prerequisites, Transcendent learning is a good choice meanwhile as it increases the cap of all leaders by two. This will make your immortal characters even stronger when the time comes!

Once Synthetic Evolution is unlocked, another special project will appear in the status log. This one runs just like the first one and when it’s done it will convert all of your organic dice into a new synthetic type that you can name. There will be a new species they don’t have any of the qualities they had before, positive or negative. You’ll be able to modify synthetic types with robot trait points, so now’s the time to start poking around specialize the populations of each planet to your liking. All of your existing leaders, along with anyone you recruit from that point forward, will be immortal.

Any ground armies you have will be changed Assault armies for Android, and this can affect your diplomacy with other empires. Spiritualist empires will take a high opinion penalty against you, and all non-materialist empires will take a lower opinion penalty. however Machine intelligences will see you as one of themwhich can save you from any determined exterminators roaming the galaxy.

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