Mission EVO is an open-world survival game now available as early access on mobile

EVO mission is new survival an open world game that offers you Laser edge studios which are now available as early access for a global audience via TapTap. Players can also pre-register for the game through the official website and win exclusive in-game skins.

The goal of the EVO mission is to provide a complete survival experience

Mission EVO aims to provide a great survival experience for players, the game will take place in an open world environment powered by Unreal Engine 5 for a realistic experience. Danger lurks around every corner and they all want you dead. You will have to survive the cruelest competition not only from all kinds of mutant creatures, but also from hundreds of other desperate players.

EVO Mission Early Access EVO Mission
Image via Laser edge studios

The game is made to test players’ survival instincts, right from gathering resources to fighting hordes of zombies and other players. In order to maintain your health, you’ll need to keep a close eye on your health indicators while gathering resources through farming, crafting, cooking, and even sneaking into or raiding the shelters of other survivors. There are no rules in the wilderness except survival.

Build and expand your settlement from scratch

The game looks great in terms of graphics, the reason for this is that it is powered by Unreal Engine 5, and being based on an open world environment, the game promises to bring many adventures for the players to embark on.

Build your shelter from scratch, but don’t forget to consider all the factors beforehand! Strategize and plan everything including its location, terrain, resource costs, toughness, ability to deal with threats, as well as possible future expansions. As your settlement begins to thrive, it will attract more and more prying eyes intent on capturing and looting your base.

For now, interested players can access the game via TapTap and pre-register for the game via the official website to stay up to date with the developers.

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