The Most Valuable Cards From YGO!’s Cyberstorm Access

Yu-Gi-Oh! consistently releases great card decks that increase in value over time, and Cyberstorm Access is no exception. Market for Yu-Gi-Oh! the card game has thrived since the release of the set.

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This booster box edition contains cards that are sure to attract the attention of collectors. The set includes TCG Exclusive Gold Pride cards and Mannadium cards revolving around the Visas Starfrost lore. These cards make a great addition to your collection, especially when combined with Starlight Gold Pride – Chariot Carrie or Starlight Visas Starfrost.



8 Gold Pride – Better luck next time – $21.05

GP-More luck

With the previous spell card that referred to the Gold Pride archetype – Gold Pride – Start Your Engines, this continuous spell card far exceeded the value of the other. It works with your extra deck to constantly pay out Gold Pride monsters.

Expected to be mid-value, this card has remained one of the set’s more prized secret rares, thanks to the archetype rounding out its second wave of TCG-exclusive support through this set.

7 Peaceful Planet Calarium – $28.76

Planet of peace

Part of the Mannadium support, this secret rarity has also retained value since release, with the card being the backbone of the deck composition. Field Spell allows you to add a Mannadium monster or Visas Starfrost from your deck to your hand upon activation.

Much like the secret rare sorcery card Gold Pride in this list, this card is a staple for the Mannadium deck as it helps you get monsters into your hand and ultimately onto the field.

6 Chaos Angel – $46.15

Angel of Chaos

One of the most lauded cards in the set has lived up to its reputation as it has seen a significant increase in value. The synchro card has multiple applications and can be played in multiple archetypes. This could be the best card in the Extra Deck, requiring minimal conditions to summon while still having amazing effects.

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Being able to banish monsters when summoned is a definite plus, and being able to gain another effect on follow-up is even better. Chaos Angel remains the most prized secret rare in the set.

5 Gold Pride Chariot Carrie (Starlight) – $150.36

GP- Carriage Carrie-1

The starting rarity of the Starlight cards from this set is Gold Pride – Chariot Carrie. Since the deck itself has great promise and is exclusive to the TCG, it is expected to hold its value. The cards are also extremely rare.

Collectors and dedicated players who admire Gold Pride artwork will definitely want to pick this up, as all of the Gold Pride card artwork is fun and satisfying. This card’s starlight rarity inspiration is based on Captain Carrie’s star version from the previous edition, Photon Hypernova.

4 Firewall Dragon Singularity (Starlight) – $171.83

Firewall Dragon Sing

While it may not belong in a specific deck, Firewall Dragon Singularity is the title card for the entire deck. A cover printed in a beautiful starlight aesthetic is always a treat to see as it makes the chase card worth so much more.

Firewall Dragon has always been a fixture in the Yu-Gi-Oh scene, and it’s great to see him at the center of this special set.

3 Starfrost (Starlight) Visas – $213.64

Visa Starfrost

The long-awaited support for Visas Starfrost has arrived in the form of Mannadium cards, and along with it, the set contains a starlight copy of Visas Starfrost. Visas Starfrost has garnered a solid following since the card’s release, as the lore and art behind the character is very interesting.

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This card seems to be on everyone’s watch list, especially collectors. With the story behind Visas Starfrost being so compelling, it’s great to see more of the character in Star Rarity.

2 Despian Luluwalith (Starlight) – $2

Despian Luluwalith

Since its release, the Despia archetype has caused excitement among players and increased the prices of its cards. This powerful deck utilizes the popular Branded strategy, making it a top contender in gaming for quite some time.

The Synchro Monster that is part of the Branded strategy is unique as the strategy usually relies on Fusion Extra Decks. The monster has a chance to summon from the deck (Blazing Cartesia most of the time – the cost goes up a lot too) at the end of your turn, which fits the Branded strategy comfortably.

1 Guiding Quem, The Virtuous (Starlight) – $394.16

Guide Virtuous

Treated like a Dogmatic or Despia, Guiding Quem card, The Virtuous also rides the hype train of the Despia archetype. As a must-play for the Branded strategy, the card becomes invaluable and provides support for one of the most popular decks.

Printed in Secret and Star Rarity, the artwork on the card is visually appealing, especially dazzling in its Star Rarity. Considering that the card not only has the best utility in the deck in question, but also has a stunning card image, it’s no wonder it’s at the top of the entire Cyberstorm Access card list.

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