Rory McIlroy, LIV Golf’s biggest critic, has now been linked with Greg Norman’s Saudi-backed golf league

Greg Norman is on the verge of the ultimate victory in one of the most bitter feuds in professional golf, if reports surfacing in the UK are to be believed.

Ever since Norman’s controversial LIV Golf tour launched in 2021, its biggest detractor in the playing ranks has been Northern Irishman Rory McIlroy.

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While a number of golf’s top players, including Brooks Koepka, Dustin Johnson, Phil Mickelson, Australia’s Cam Smith and, most recently, Jon Rahm, jumped at the astronomical money on offer, McIlroy dug his heels in.

Uttering phrases like “I hate LIV” and he would “rather retire” than join the Saudi-funded league, McIlroy was the poster boy for the established PGA Tour.

The 34-year-old even made it personal with Norman, gloating after surpassing the Shark’s total of 20 PGA wins back in June 2022.

Norman called that “a compliment” and stated his 91 tournament wins globally and 331 weeks as world No. 1 should be next on McIlroy’s list as the feud only escalated.

McIlroy’s stance has softened in recent months, of course, as a truce loomed between the warring tours and now his former agent has fuelled the fire of the ultimate about face from the current world No. 2 – joining the Norman stable.

Andrew “Chubby” Chandler, who represented McIlroy early in his career, believes Rahm’s reported $900 million switch showed anything is possible and his former charge would command an even higher fee.

“Rory is of the ilk that he’ll say something because he likes to have an opinion, but he’s quite happy to apologise for it and that’s what he’s done,” Chandler told

“If you were being cynical, you might say he’s going to sign for about £750 million ($1.45 billion) in a month’s time with LIV because he’s paving the way that LIV’s OK now, whereas it wasn’t.

“Who knows? He doesn’t need £750 million but it’s odd what he’s done and I’m sure it’s a possibility.

“If he does it or not, I don’t know, but if Rahm can do it, most guys can do it.

“I think number one, there’s a 10% possibility he’s favouring his way to sign for LIV, but he realises that the whole bickering and fighting is no good for golf.

“The man in the street must find it appalling the sums of money being spoken.”

McIlroy has said lately he doesn’t want LIV players punished and hopes the tours can rejoin so that tournaments, particularly the four yearly majors, have the best possible fields.

Chandler said the current situation reminded him of comments a young McIlroy once said about the prestigious Ryder Cup.

“It’s typical Rory,” Chandler said. “Rory is not shy in having an opinion and not slow to apologise if he’s got that wrong.

“When he turned pro in 2008 we were sat on a bench at Gleneagles and I had Rory telling me that the Ryder Cup meant nothing at all to him.

“(He said) ‘it’s just an exhibition match, I’m here to win majors’. There’s nobody bigger into the Ryder Cup now than Rory McIlroy.”

We can only imagine Norman is licking his lips at the prospect of getting some LIV Golf merchandise onto his biggest critic.

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