Embracer CEO Has “No Further Comments” On KOTOR Remake

Embracer CEO Lars Wingefors reportedly dodged a question about the status of the Knights of the Old Republic remake during an investor call today.

Things really aren’t looking good for the Knights of the Old Republic remake. Last year, development on the project was switched from Aspyr to Saber Interactive, a change that led some to report that a 2024 release was “wishful thinking.” In fact, things have been so messy since the game was announced at the last PlayStation Showcase that one insider even claimed last week that they didn’t think the KOTOR remake would ever come out.

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If you thought that was a bad sign, we may have something even worse for you. According to Axios’ Stephen Totilo, Embracer CEO Lars Wingefors managed to dodge a question about Knights of the Old Republic during an investor call today. During the call, one investor asked if Wingefors could “please explain the current status of the Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic remake in terms of its development status and what shape it is in.”


In response to the question, Wingefors apparently said “favorite question” before waiting for the applicant to stop laughing in response. After he stopped laughing, Wingefors said, “I have no further comment,” which doesn’t seem very good, especially since insiders and journalists are expressing concern about the game’s current state of development and doubts that it will ever be released.

According to Totil, Wingefors apparently wanted to say more about the game other than “no further comment,” but an investor relations interviewer spoke for him, something Totilo notes should be taken as an eternal lesson to remain silent and let the interviewee fill in this emptiness. If that were the case, we might just learn the tiniest bit more about the game.

KOTOR Remake Delay

Wingefors’ silence on the matter is really the only comment we need, as with each new inside piece of information and lack of response from Embracer, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the project is in trouble. Many think that it is now simply doomed or already dead, but it is more likely to last much longer than previously thought.

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