Tower of Fantasy to add Rubilia as the next Volt character and here’s why you should pull her

Tower of Fantasy will release some fresh new characters as version 2.5 continues its journey in the game. According to recent announcements, one of the characters released in the CN version of the game called Rubiliashould be released in the global version of Tower of Fantasy on in June 3, 2023.

Tower of Fantasy Rubilia: Abilities

As with all other playable Simulacrums and their in-game weapons, there is a clear distinct difference between CN and Global characters when it comes to damage percentages and multipliers. Many times when characters are released in Global they are very important nerfed. It’s the same case with Rubio, as we’ve collected all the leaked information regarding her global release.

Tower of Fantasy Rubilia
Image via Level Infinite

Rubilia’s progress:

In Rubilia’s Advancement One, after triggering the feedback, each Crystamax thorn deals equal damage 53.3% ATK to nearby targets every 2 seconds, lasts 30 seconds. That’s a significant percentage reduction from the CN version it has 193.3%.

On the other hand, in Rubilia’s Advancement Six, after successfully releasing Harrah’s Embrace, the voltage damage increases by 8% for 30 seconds. Another nerf to the global version of Rubilia compared to her CN counterpart that had the damage multiplier on 20% instead of.

Rubilia’s skill and discharge:

Field (Skill)

Quickly jump between two points 10 times, engaging nearby targets and dealing the same amount of damage 371.7% to nearby targets. Deals 1983.3% damage to nearby targets until landing. Take it easy 20 seconds.

Every line absorbs 10% of max HP of all Crystamax Thorns (not available in Apex League) and deals additional damage equal to the number of Crystamax Thorns multiplied by 40% or the number of Crystamax Thorns multiplied by 1% of the Wanderer’s maximum HP, whichever is greater, as long as Crystamax Thorns they are not exhausted. The HP loss ratio of Crystamax Thorns Max HP is the same as the HP loss ratio of Wanderer’s Max HP.

Tower of Fantasy Rubilia has been leaked
Image via Level Infinite

Harrah’s Embrace (Discharge)

When a weapon’s charge is full or Phantasia is triggered, after switching to that weapon, remove all negative effects from the owner and summon Harrah to perform 12 storms, each of which deals 68.8% damage to nearby targets, including Wanderer damage. immunity for 1.5 seconds (not available in Apex League).

Increase Volt damage by 7% for 30 seconds after successfully using spikes (up to 5 at once) to attack. Crystamax can Harrah’s Embrace. Additionally, spawn 3 Crystamax Thorns, only start at 100% Max HP, cannot be healed by feedback, and last for 150 seconds.

Gain 2 feedback after Harrah’s Embrace performs an attack (can stack up to 4 times). Lost Art consumes 1 feedback for each dodge attack, deals damage to the target equal to the number of Crystamax spikes multiplied by 72% ATK, restores 25% of the maximum HP of all Crystamax spikes, and resets the location and duration of Crystamax spikes after hitting with Harrah’s Embrace , gain 1 dodge chance without expending a dodge attempt.

Why you should pull for Rubio at the Tower of Fantasy

Rubilia is said to be a Volt DPS Simulacrum wielding the “Lost Melody” weapon. It has a high breaking and charging rate and can take advantage of the volt resonance effect. She specializes in dealing AoE Volt damage with her weapon. Her deck seems to be unique in nature and can compete with other Volt DPS Simulacrums to be one of the best ever released in the game.

Additionally, Rubilia can also play as an off-field DPS due to her Thorns ability. She can also self-heal and seems to be good as a helper in team contests when paired with Lin. Overall, he is a unique character that will be a good addition to your roster.

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