Everything Included In The Sims 4 Growing Together

The Sims 4 Growing Together is an expansion that mainly focuses on creating a gaming experience and making the Sims feel more realistic. Although there are new clothes, furniture and even a new world, this pack will keep you hooked on playing.

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Relationships between Sims have been revamped, and depth has been added to interactions and emotions, as well as personalities. Here we take a look at all of the package’s features so you know what you’re getting for your money.



10 The perfect childhood experience

Sims 4 Growing Together Weird Diaper Changing

The infant life stage was added to the base game, so it is not exclusive to this pack. However, the base game experience for the baby lacks compared to the expansion experience. This is due to the inclusion of baby carriers and changing tables in the Growing Together package.

Both elements greatly influence the realistic upbringing of babies. Changing on the table and putting diapers in the bin is a much better experience than tossing your baby in the air and letting the dirty diaper land on the floor. Likewise, carrying your baby in a carrier is much better than holding it in your arms, where your Sim can keep trying to put it down.

9 Milestone system

The Sims 4 Growing Together - A child Sim learns to ride a bike while happy family members watch

The Milestone system allows Sims to properly celebrate major events in their lives, from birth to death. Every stage of life has its own set of milestones, commemorating things like taking your first steps, teething, learning to ride a bike, buying or renting a new home, or getting married.

Big and small events are marked for Sims, helping them recall important events. Some are also marked with items that can be placed in the new keepsake box.

8 Family dynamics

An older Sim and a baby Sim are hugging.

As Sims grow up, family dynamics can affect their relationships with others. Family members may be close, supportive, or like to joke with each other. Alternatively, the relationship may be strained or distant. Which option is chosen will affect the interactions between Sims.

The family dynamic may even shift over time, but it will require work on both sides of the Sim, especially when trying to turn around a difficult relationship. Just like in real life, you will have to overcome some obstacles.

7 Personality changes

The Sim looks upset as the older Sim talks to them.

There are some new things that involve the Sim’s personality. The main one is that Sims can now naturally have good or bad chemistry with others. This will have a positive or negative effect on interactions between Sims. You can choose things your Sim likes and dislikes, including certain personality traits, and these will change the dynamic in relationships.

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Your Sim can develop their personality over time, gain an additional trait, or change an old one. You can choose to reject these adjustments or simply accept them.

6 Visitors and events

Sims 4 growing up together, having a baby with sims celebrating

Get ready for visitors, because now friends and family members can come to your place. If they bring a suitcase, they will come and stay in your family home to help or maybe just get in the way. Maybe they’ve become homeless or want to help with a new baby. You will have to decide if you want to let them come or risk a bad reaction if you say no.

You can also organize your own new events, baby showers, family reunions and slumber parties. Now pregnant Sims can be showered with love, kids can have fun in a new way, and families can come together in love or chaos, depending on your family!

5 Life events

The Sims 4 Growing Together A Sim playing an upright piano on the street

This pack adds some key life events to the game. Sims can now go through burnout, a midlife crisis, a random layoff, or discover a work rival. These events will change your Sim as he navigates them.

Each life event affects your Sim differently. They may end up being negatively impacted by burnout or being fired, they may discover a new hobby during a midlife crisis, or they may land a job after beating out a competitor for a promotion.

4 Recreation centers and new activities

The Sims 4 Growing Together 2 Sims play games

Recreation Centers are a new type of lot in The Sims 4 and offer a place for Sims of all ages to gather and have fun. They also come with some new activities.

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The game table allows your Sims to put together puzzles or play a game together, but not cards or Jenga. If your Sim completes a puzzle, they can also frame it. Sims can also choose to craft friendship bracelets. Both activities are also available at home with new items.

3 The wonderful world of San Sequoia

The Sims 4 San Sequoia World Map

San Sequoia is a family-friendly world with a beautiful bridge, riverside walks and stunning views of the estuary and connecting ocean. The neighborhoods offer close-knit communities built in different areas in the suburbs, with families socializing in the recreation center.

From playing the new upright piano in the street to learning to ride a bike or going on a hike with the family. There’s a lot to do here, although some areas aren’t as open as we’d like.

2 Casual wear for all ages

The Sims 4 Growing Together - A Sim family has a party in the living room

The Create a Sim options in this pack are quite diverse and feature a range of items for all ages. Babies have the most, but there are several versatile pieces to help round out a wardrobe, including headscarves, jumpsuits, loose jackets, hats, cardigans and more.

There aren’t as many hairstyles as extensions, but these are more unique, allow for more versatility, and give room for more clothes and freckles. These accessories are also for all ages, so you don’t have to worry about changing the details of your skin!

1 Make your house a family home

The Sims 4 Growing Together - family members play on the tree house

Many items in this pack have a function. They include rocking chairs, changing tables, souvenir boxes, sleeping bags, splash pads and water jets, swings, a toddler slide, a tree house and an upright piano. You’ll also find a play table, baby play mat and bracelet making kits.

While these items make up the bulk of the package, there are also a few other items for the family home, including a sofa and chairs, a bed, a sink, a tub and shower combo, tiles, tables and some new photo frames. Bookshelves and large windows, as well as several decorative items round out the kit so you can build your own recreation center.

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