How Do You Make A Roof In V Rising?

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  • Using fog lamps for sun protection

In Getting Up allows you to create large castles and consume the blood of your enemies to become the ultimate vampire. Unfortunately, this is difficult to do if the sun sets your character on fire. Vampires in this game are deathly allergic to vitamin D, so you’ll want to have a roof over your head to properly use your castle during the day.

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The thing is, the creation of the roof is locked to little progress. In this quick guide, we’ll quickly cover how to create castle roofs in V Rising, and offer an alternative to castle roofs for players who are just starting out and don’t have access to high-end castle materials.

Updated May 24, 2023: We’ve updated this guide to make sure everything is up to date with the latest version of the game. As V Rising is currently in early access, the information below is subject to change.


Creating castle roofs

In Rising Castle Roofing Example 3

To create a roof, you need to use reinforced walls and castle floors from the “Castle” tab. To make them, you will need stone bricks and boards. Create a room of any size with ready-made reinforced walls and floors.

A the roof will be dynamically generated over the enclosed space that you created and keep this room out of direct sunlight.

The size of the roof will vary depending on the size of the enclosed space. For example, if you make a 1×1 room with reinforced walls, the roof will only create a 1×1 above that room. Extending this room with additional walls will also extend the roof at no additional cost.

Palisades and other wooden structures cannot create roofs; only materials from the “Castle” tab can do this. With this in mind, it is possible to mitigate the danger of sunlight by using Mist Braziers.

Using fog lamps for sun protection

In Rising Mist Brazier

Left out of the tutorial search, Mist Braziers you can craft to prevent sunlight from affecting your character in a small radius – about a 3×3 area.

You can find them under “The basics” in the build menu and they cost 120 Stone everyone.

Once built, you must fill Mist Braziers with bones. One bone is consumed every minute while Mist Brazier is active. Turn them off at night to save on resources.

Tips for building roofs

In Rising Castle Roof Featured

  • Focus on creating roofs first above their creative stations. You can upgrade the rest of your castle later.
  • Usage Brandy to cover the parts of your castle that you cannot cover.
  • The walls that form the roof can be of any type under the “Castle” type.
    • Door jambs no they require a door to create a roof, nor do reinforced window walls.

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