Is Roots Of Pacha Or Stardew Valley Better?

If you’re a fan of relaxing farming games, then you can’t go wrong and try Roots of Pacha or Stardew Valley. Both games are similar in many ways, but with various minor tweaks, you can have a unique experience in both games.

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Fans of each, and even those looking to choose one or the other, may wonder which is truly better. While this is certainly subjective, there are some key differences that may influence your personal decision as to which farming and life simulator game is truly the best of the best.



11 Roots Of Pacha – has a fantastic aesthetic

groups of people crowd around a bonfire at Roots of Pacha

Graphically, Roots of Pacha and Stardew Valley are relatively similar. They have some major differences, but one of the biggest is the theme, which puts Roots Of Pacha in the Stone Age. It was an interesting choice, but it really paid off.

Simply making another farming sim with a visual style would be a bit too derivative, but with all the unique twists that the Stone Age has to offer, Roots of Pacha manages to stand out as a unique game worth playing even if you’ve sunk dozens of hours into Stardew Valley.

10 Stardew Valley – People are amazing

haley and player talk about a photo of cows

Whether you enjoy Roots of Pacha or Stardew Valley will depend more on individual taste, but more people seem to enjoy the ones available in Stardew Valley. The nice thing is that even though the characters seem shallow on the surface, they can surprise you quite a bit.

The more you become friends with the people in Stardew Valley, the more they will start to feel like your family. You will understand their problems, cheer them on when they tell you their dreams, and you can even appear for them on important days.

9 Roots Of Pacha – The game was made to be played with friends

Characters ride an ostrich in Roots of Pacha

While Stardew Valley is now a fantastic multiplayer game, Roots of Pacha feels like playing with friends due to the tribal nature of the game. Being able to grab some friends and work together to create the perfect farm is awesome.

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At the same time, the multiplayer aspect doesn’t leave others feeling out of place, thanks again to the way your own clan works. While some games have multiplayer, Roots of Pacha is great.

8 Stardew Valley – relaxing and modern

A woman stands in front of a farmhouse and by a mailbox in Stardew Valley.

While Roots of Pacha is far from a stressful experience, Stardew Valley is nothing short of incredibly peaceful. The combination of music, sound effects, visuals, atmosphere, and overall goal keep the whole thing simple.

At the same time, the game doesn’t feel like it’s second generation either in mechanics or overall feel. The venue feels timeless and like anyone from any part of the world could come in and have just as much fun.

7 Roots Of Pacha – Animals are amazing

The roots of the Pacha Mammoths

Roots of Pacha has an absolute edge over Stardew Valley when it comes to wildlife. It’s great to have access to typical farm animals, but it’s even more exciting to experience a world inhabited by unique creatures like mammoths.

You can find many pets and animals that add a lot to the game world. It’s a puzzle piece that makes you feel like you’re in the Stone Age. Plus you get to hang out with bison and who wouldn’t want that?

6 Stardew Valley – Lots of fun side activities

A Stardew Valley character holding a prismatic shard in the mines

Stardew Valley manages to keep its gameplay interesting by throwing in a ton of cool bonuses, and while Roots of Pacha does the same, Stardew Valley does it to slightly better effect. Even the dungeon crawling in Stardew Valley is a pleasant surprise for many.

People who aren’t into the fishing mini-games that are in every game somehow manage to enjoy the fishing you can do in Stardew Valley. There is so much to do and explore that you will never fit it all into a single day.

5 Roots Of Pacha – Festivals are wonderful

People are having fun on the beach at Roots of Pacha

There may be a lot of personality to the festivals found in Stardew Valley, but the ones in Root of Pacha add something more to the mix. It’s wonderful to see a small prehistoric community come together in such a fun way.

Experiencing different festivals at different times of the year may feel a little more meaningful in Roots of Pacha because of the greater emphasis on community. If you’re focusing on farming throughout the year of Stardew Valley, the festivals might not be too much fun.

4 Stardew Valley – Better options to get started

Sunflowers at Stardew Valley Farm in Autumn

At this point, you have so many fantastic options for starting a farm in Stardew Valley that you could replay the game many times and probably feel different each time. Starting with a farm by the beach has its advantages, but so does one in the forest.

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Whichever farm you choose will depend on your personal preferences or any bonuses that come with the choice. More options is never a bad thing, and neither is experiencing this gem in entirely new ways.

3 Roots Of Pacha – You can explore life from a new perspective

A group that survives around a bonfire in Roots of Pacha

Thanks to how automated our world has become, it’s easy to take things for granted. Even in Stardew Valley, it won’t be long before your entire farm is fending for itself. While you can do the same in Roots of Pacha, the unique way it happens is fantastic.

You can see some of the techniques used by historical groups to grow successful crops. While things may or may not be historically accurate, there are some cool things anyone can learn from the game from this point of view.

2 Stardew Valley – Character events are fantastic

Stardew Valley - Leah's Heart Event 14

Character is king in both games, but Stardew Valley has far more poignant moments. Part of this is probably due to how hard you have to work to befriend different townspeople while building your own farm.

Progressing your relationship only to have a villager open up to you, invite you to an important event, or even just come to you for help is a moment you’ll always remember, even for characters you don’t like. as much as others.

1 Winner: Stardew Valley

A character looking at his crops and farm in Stardew Valley

While you’ll find a lot to enjoy in both games, Stardew Valley will probably be the easiest game to jump into and will appeal to the widest possible group of people. With some amazing people and places to experience, and an additional modded scene that adds a lot to an already massive game, it’s a must-play for everyone.

However, this should not discount Roots of Pacha. It’s still a great indie game and one that those who have already spent a serious amount of time playing Stardew Valley might want to try in the near future. Stardew Valley has something special that gives it an edge that will draw people back to it again and again.

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